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Jeff is a young man of 17, who's hobbies include talking to his close friends online, participating in RPGs, playing video games, and spending time with his girlfriend. Yes, his girlfriend. :P Wanna know who it is? Ask him, and he might tell you. Jeff joined Fizzy Bubbles in June of 2005, the exact date unknown, but he celebrates June 22nd as his FBiversary since that's the date his Registration post was posted. He was updated by Sasuke_san, aka Oscar, in Fizzytopia until Oscar left updating, and then was picked up by ZodiacTheVampire. After Oscar left off updating, Jeff applied to become an updator to fill his place, and he was chosen along with ZTV to become a new updator of Fizzytopia towards the end of September, 2005.

Jeff updated happily from October until February, when the Water Zone was opened up to new updators. Since he didn't really like the group he had at the moment, except for the three that he loved to update, he decided to offer his services up to Loki, who owned the Water Zone at the time. In February of 2006, Jeff was accepted into the Water Zone as a new updator, along with Lonely Wanderer. Jeff has been updating there ever since, though he's thinking about offering his services to Shiny_Magneton in Cascadia, which needs an updator.

Currently, Jeff is in all of Fizzy Bubble's zones. In Fizzytopia, ZodiacTheVampire is his updator. He is updated by Joshua in UPN's Volcanic Mountain, by FF in the Cloud Garden, Stacey in the Haunted Mansion, Becki in BMG's Water Zone, and by S_M in Cascadia.

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Fizzy Bubbles Team

Starter Pokemon: | Cloud, the Male Skitty. | (...Kitty...)

Current Level: 32

Beauty Points: 02

Pokeball: Friend Ball

@ Item: n/a

Level-up Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip, Attract, Sing, Double Slap, Assist, Charm, Faint Attack, Covet

Egg Moves: Helping Hand, Psych Up, Uproar, Fake Tears, Wish, Baton Pass, Substitute, Tickle

Move Tutor Moves: Body Slam, Dream Eater, Thunderwave, Substitute

Emerald Move Tutor Moves: Rollout, Psych Up, Snore, Icy Wind, Endure, Mud-Slap, Swagger, Sleep Talk, Swift, Defense Curl

TMs/HMs: Flash, Dig, Bullet Seed, Tri Attack, Metronome.

Pokemon: | Vincent, the Male Ariados | (The Anti-Phobia for Jeff)

Current Level: 50

Beauty Points: 00

Pokeball: Easter Chocolate Ball

@ Item: n/a

Level-up Moves: Poison Sting, String Shot, Scary Face, Constrict, Night Shade, Leech Life, Fury Swipes, Spider Web

Egg Moves: Psybeam, Disable, Pursuit, Signal Beam

Move Tutor Moves: n/a

Emerald Move Tutor Moves: n/a

TMs/HMs: Dig, Flash, Bullet Seed, Icy Wind

Pokemon: | Cid, the Male Shiny Minun | (Loveable Sparkster)

Current Level: 50

Beauty Points: 10 (Max)

Pokeball: Thunder Ball

@ Item: Magnet

Level-up Moves: Growl, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Helping Hand, Spark, Encore, Charm, Charge, Thunder, Baton Pass, Agility

Egg Moves: n/a

Move Tutor Moves: Mega Punch, Metronome, Thunder Wave

Emerald Move Tutor Moves: Endure, Swift, Thunderpunch

TMs/HMs: Flash, Ice Punch

Advanced Moves: Volt Tackle

Pokemon: | Aslan, the Male Espeon | (Honorable Psychic Cat)

Current Level: 52

Beauty Points: 10 (Max)

Pokeball: Were Ball

@ Item: Twistedspoon

Level-up Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, Growl, Quick Attack, Confusion, Bite, Swift, Baton Pass, Psybeam, Take Down, Psych Up, Psychic, Morning Sun

Egg Moves: Wish

Move Tutor Moves: n/a

Emerald Move Tutor Moves: Swift

TMs/HMs: Cut, Dig, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, Icy Wind, Roar, Iron Tail, Metronome, Tri Attack

Pokemon: | Reno, the Shiny Magnemite | (Presumed Male)

Current Level: 13

Beauty Points: 00

Pokeball: Thunder Ball

@ Item: n/a

Level-up Moves: Metal Sound, Tackle, Thundershock, Supersonic

Move Tutor Moves: n/a

Emerald Move Tutor Moves: n/a

TMs/HMs: Shockwave

Pokemon: | Kazu, the Male Raichu | (Dark Jedi)

Current Level: 26

Beauty Points: 00

Pokeball: Thunder Ball

@ Item: n/a

Level-up Moves: Thundershock, Growl, Tail Whip, Thunder Wave, Quick Attack, Double Team, Slam, Thunderbolt (Blue colour)

Egg Moves: Charge

Move Tutor Moves: Thunder Wave

Emerald Move Tutor Moves: n/a

TMs/HMs: Surf, Strength, Flash, Rock Smash, Iron Tail, Teleport, Reflect

Pokemon: | Tifa, the Female Shiny Breloom | (Melee Fighter Extraordinaire)

Current Level: 23

Beauty Points: 00

Pokeball: Leafball

@ Item: Miracle Seed/Black Belt

Level-up Moves: Absorb, Tackle, Stun Spore, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Headbutt, Mach Punch

Egg Moves: n/a

Move Tutor Moves: Mega Punch, Swords Dance

Emerald Move Tutor Moves: n/a

TMs/HMs: Flash, Softboiled, Skull Bash Brick Break, Iron Tail, Bullet Seed

Pokemon: | Bunshin, the Male Manectric | (Unknown Position)

Current Level: 28

Beauty Points: 00

Pokeball: Pokeball

@ Item: n/a

Level-up Moves: Tackle, Thunder Wave, Leer, Howl, Quick Attack, Spark, Odor Sleuth.

Egg Moves: Crunch, Swift

Move Tutor Moves: Double-Edge, Mimic, Thunder Wave, Substitute

Emerald Move Tutor Moves: Swift

TMs/HMs: Double Team, Shadow Ball

Pokemon: | Dagger | (Tentative Title) |, the Female Sandshrew | (Unknown Position)

Current Level: 08

Beauty Points: 00

Pokeball: Luxury Ball

@ Item: Soft Sand

Level-up Moves: Scratch, Defense Curl

Egg Moves: Swords Dance, Crush Claw

Move Tutor Moves: n/a

Emerald Move Tutor Moves: n/a

TMs/HMs: Earthquake, Snatch, Thief, Rest.

Pokemon Bios

Cloud the Skitty

Jeff's first Pokemon, his Skitty, was given to him many, many years ago by his parents. Jeff has, and always will, love cats and anything to do with them, and he was ecstatic to recieve the kitten. The two were inseperable; Cloud wanted to be around Jeff whenever he was at home, and even followed him when he tried to leave. Finally, after owning the cat for about a two years, Jeff decided it was time that the Skitty could come with him when he went for walks through the forest that was near Mauville, Jeff's hometown.

Cloud loved this time he could be with Jeff, and he also loved the new sights and smells he was allowed to examine. The cat was excited for weeks about this, always bounding off until Jeff called him back, only to bound off in another direction a few seconds later. Slowly, Cloud became familiar with the trails Jeff walked, and soon the Skitty was content to either walk alongside Jeff, or sit in his arms.

About halfway through Jeff's fifteenth year of life, his parents were killed in a car accident, and the reason for the accident has always been unclear. He left his family, or what remained of it, behind, traveling over Hoenn to find himself. Cloud, of course, went with him, protecting the young man during his travels. Finally, the two companions heard about the great land of Fizzy Bubbles, and with consent from Cloud, who knew they would find more friends there than they had when wandering Hoenn, started a new adventure there. Cloud has proved to be a great companion to Jeff, fighting off ghosts, Team Aqua members, and Pokemon infected with a mysterious virus.

Currently, Cloud has learned every Move Tutor and Egg Move he can that isn't also gained by level-up, over 20 candies worth of moves. As of the time writing this, Cloud is level 26, and in the Daycare Centre attaining his 27th level, at which he will learn the Dark-Type move, FAINT ATTACK.

Accomplishments: Fought off a Gengar with the help of a Slugma and "Biz" the Baltoy (Fizzytopia); Attained every Move Tutor and Egg move that could also not be gotten by level-up; Was Jeff's first Level 25 Pokemon.

Past Pokemon

Hatched Pokemon

12-12-05 (FIRST EGG) Dark Mystery Egg - Eevee (Currently on Jeff's team as an Espeon)

1-8-06 Normal Pound Egg - Spinda (Traded to Rat)

1-30-06 Flying Storm Egg - Caterpoo (Traded to Thed)

3-13-06 Flying Storm Egg - Magikarp (Adoption Centre)

5-10-06 Electric Storm Egg - Magnemite (Adoption Centre)

6-13-06 Psychic Mystery Egg - Abra (Traded to Psychic)

7-3-06 Enigma Egg - Krabby (Adoption Centre)

7-24-06 Pound Egg - Hoothoot (Currently on Jeff's team as a Hoothoot