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Trainer Level 2
B- Grade Referee
Wins: 8 Losses: 7 Draws: 1
KOs: 24 TP: 69 SP: 1


Level 3 Pokemon Female Jynx
Bio: Reishoutekibi loves both her Ice and Psychic types, but could never combine them, until she came up with a brilliant move one day while drinking a milkshake.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Brain Freeze (Ice)
Reishoutekibi gets into the mind of the opponent the same way she would use Confusion. However, instead of barraging the mind with confusing images, Reishoutekibi uses the opponents mind to lower the temperature inside the opponents skull greatly. This causes the opponent to feel pain. This attack does damage equal to two Confusions and uses energy equal to a Psychic and a Confusion. This attack has a 5% chance of causing confusion. This attack can only be used 3 times per battle. Male Cloyster
No Sig.

Level 2 Pokemon Male Charmeleon
Bio: Charmeleon loves moves in which fire engulf part of his body. He also loves to slice away at things. He has combined such techniques as Slash and Fire Punch in order to form a special move.
Special Attack: Flaming Slice (Fire)
Charmeleon rushes up to the opponent and uses a Slash attack with his arms covered in the flames of a Fire Punch. Unlike a regular Slash, this attack does not have a high critical hit ratio. This attack's total damage is 125% that of Slash and energy of 175% of Slash, and may be used 5 times per battle. This attack has a 15% chance of causing a burn. Male Swinub
Bio: Swinub has always been extremely confident in its Ice attacks, but no so confident when it comes to physical attacks, over time, we found a way to lend the power of Ice to a physical attack.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Frost Charge (Ice)
Swinub surrounds itself with huge amounts of Ice energy, then, like a Pokemon would use a Volt Tackle, Swinub charges at the opponent and slams into them with all the cold surrounding it. This attack does damage roughly equal to a Volt Tackle and uses energy roughly equal to a Blizzard. This attack can only be used 3 times per battle. This attack has a 5% chance of freezing where the opponent got hit. Female Seel
Bio: Shishoutsuno's ancestry traces back through long line of Seel and Dewgong with unusually long and sharp horns, these horns have been passed down from generation to generation, with Shishoutsuno being the newest member of the long line of ancestry.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Long Horn
Shishoutsuno's horn is about 1.5 feet long, instead of the small stub that most Seel and Dewgong have. This unusually long horn ups damage from Shishoutsuno's horn based attacks to 250%, however, all energy based Electric attacks that come withing ten feet of Shishoutsuno's horn are drawn to it automatically, like to a lightning rod, and almost always hit Shishoutsuno. Also, Shishoutsuno's speed is reduced to 50% that of normal, due to the extreme amount of weight on her head, and all horn based attacks take 1.5 times as much energy. The horn can be broken by an attack of good physical power, about that of a Brick Break from an average Machop, if broken it will result in a stay in the Pokemon Center for one battle. Male Kirlia
Bio: Onbinomoi has lived in a freezing cave filled with Ice Pokemon constantly attacking him for all of its life, the constant cold and icy attacks froze his skin and chilled his blood, over time he adapted to the cold in every way, as well as learned a move from the local inhabitants. Onbinomoi is a light blue with very dark blue hair.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Type Change (Ice)
Onbinomoi has become a Psychic/Ice type and knows Ice Beam, however, Ice Beam takes 1.5 times the energy it normally would. Male Spheal
Bio: One day, while practicing his Water Gun, Touketsumoui accidentally mixed in Ice energy, causing the Water Gun to come out in the form of slush, which froze over after a while. Over a good bit of time, Touketsumoui started adding different amounts of Ice energy to get different freezing time, and eventually got it as soon as possible without draining himself completely.
Signature Move (Special Attack): Slush Gun (Ice)
Touketsumoui shoots out a Water Gun with an extreme amount of Ice energy in it. The excess amount of Ice energy makes the water turn to slush as soon as it leaves Touketsumoui's body. After the time of roughly two rounds, depending on how long the rounds last, at referee's discretion, the slush freezes into pure ice. The slush can be gotten off with a decent amount of effort, and if the arena is warm it will take longer to freeze, though if the arena is cold, it will take less time to freeze, at refferee's discretion. This attack does damage equal to a Water Gun, and uses energy about that of a Hyper Beam. Male Shiny Scyther
Bio: Scyther was born with an odd defect, he is colorblind, but not the way animals are, the way humans can be, meaning he cannot tell the difference between green and red. This of course creates problems with his species berserk rage when seeing red.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Colorblind
Scyther is driven berserk by both red and green instead of just red. Female Croconaw
Bio: Croconaw loves to ice skate as I quickly noticed, I taught her how to speed skate and she has done so ever since.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Speed Skater
Croconaw will skate when on ice, when skating she goes about twice as fast as she would if she just slid on the ice, however, when skating she is knocked over much easier since only her claws are on the ice and not her entire foot. Female Teddiursa
Bio: Teddiursa wanted to feel like one of my icy crew, but only having one Ice attack discouraged her. Over time she came up with a more powerful Ice attack.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Ice Kick (Ice)
Teddiursa focuses its energy into it's foot, much like a Pokemon would for a Mega Kick, however, Teddiursa channels Ice energy normally used for an Ice Punch and then jumps up and kicks the opponent doing damage roughly equal to a Mega Punch with energy equal to a Mega Kick. This attack has a 20% chance of freezing the opponent. This attack can only be used twice per battle. Note: Will not be a full body freeze. Male Absol
Bio: Sumizomegai has pure black fur and skin, and blood red eyes. He knows no emotion other that malice. This lack of emotion is due to watching his parents be brutally murdered when he was young, leading him only to want to become more powerful, training in order to forget. Through his training, he has gained the ability to put his malice into his attacks, in a way.
Sig. Move (Special Training): Dark Emotions
Sumizomegai can make any of his physical attacks part Dark type by infusing them with anger and hatred, and a little Dark energy of course. The attacks due no more damage than they normally would. The attacks only become x/Dark type attacks, where x is whatever type the attack previously was. This can be ordered on any of Sumizomegai's physical attacks at any time, and that attack will take 1.25 times as much energy as normal. Male Pichu
Bio: Yukinezumi is the child of a Raichu and a shiny Glaceon. During a great blizzard, his egg was left under ten feet of snow and ice, where it sat until hatching. In a natural attempt at the egg's survival, the Glaceon's genetics took over the genetics of the Raichu, chilling Yukinezumi's body. His fur that would normally be yellow turned white, and his cheeks turned bright blue. After the egg hatched, Yukinezumi took hours digging out of the snow he was buried in. He wandered the snowy mountain for a year, the cold genetics taking over him slowly with each passing day. Soon enough, he was no longer bothered by the cold, and after a while, he grew to enjoy it. Also, due to electric bolt-like form, as well as Ice typing, Yukinezumi found it easy to learn to use Ice Beam to freeze predators. One dark day, a blizzard twice as bad as the one he was caught in as an egg came by, and he was buried underneath. There he stayed for days on end, unable to move or to escape, barely alive, the only thing keeping him from freezing to death was the last of the Glaceon DNA kicking in at full strength, turning the small mouse's blood cold and fur frozen, fully adapting to the icy environment. I dug up the little guy at that spot after he was buried for almost a week, dying of hunger and thirst. I nursed him back to health and he's been hanging around me ever since.
Sig. Move (Type Change): Snochu
Yukinezumi is an Electric/Ice type. Yukinezumi can use Ice Beam at 1.5x the normal energy. Male Delibird
Bio: Hiyayakatei believes himself to be Santa's personal helper, more importantly, the one who keeps track of the "Naughty List", for whatever reason, Hiyayakatei believes that everyone is naughty, and should get coal. Due to this belief, Hiyayakatei has developed a way to turn some of his Presents to hot coal.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Down the Chimney (Normal)
Hiyayakatei flies above the foe and drops a load of ten Presents that have been infused with Hiyayakatei's malice, these "Coals" drop quickly and each has a 20% chance of leaving soot on the opponent. Soot will cause dust to smother the opponent when they move, clogging up their lungs slightly and lowering their speed. Each Coal does damage roughly equal to half an Ember and the attack uses energy roughly equal to two Presents. This attack can only be used 3 times per battle.

Level 1 Pokemon Male Sneasel
Bio: Myououmono's speed and agility have always been top notch, however he has constantly tried to find a way to increase his speed and agility. He has developed a way to convert Dark and Ghost energy to pure speed and agility.
Sig. Move (Special Training): The Speed of Darkness
By constantly using Dark and Ghost energy to create an aura of speed around his feet, Myououmono's speed and agility are permanently increased to 150% that of a normal Sneasel, however, Myououmono is completely incapable of using any Dark or Ghost energy based attacks whatsoever, also, due to the increased speed, turning while running is extremely hard to do, so attacks such as Aerial Ace are impossible, and dodging from a run is improbable. This Sig is in effect at all times during a battle, and Myououmono's energy drops by a Submission every round, by two Submissions during any round in which he runs a significant amount (enough to warrant a move), naturally, if Myououmono does not move during the round for whatever reason, no energy will be lost. Female Sneasel
Bio: Myoukougou loves throwing things, and likes it when things have an added kick to them when they hit, so attacks like Swift were never quite good enough for her. Over time, she learned to add Ice energy to her Swift attack.
Sig. Move (Special Attack): Squall Storm (Ice)
Myoukougou fires off a Swift attack coated in Ice type energy, when the attack comes in contact with anything, each star has a 25% chance of having a partial freeze effect, much like that of an Ice beam. This attack does damage equal to that of a Swift, but uses the energy of 1.5 Swifts, and can be used 5 times per battle. Female Eevee
No Sig.