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1. Default Support Abilities

Enhanced Senses - all Jedi and Dark Jedi can use the Force to sense attacks and disturbances in the Force.

Enhanced Reflexes - all Jedi and Dark Jedi can dodge attacks easier and more fluidly than regular beings.

Enhanced Capabilities - all Jedi and Dark Jedi have increased jumping and strength

2. Default Force Abilities

Force Push - an invisible push on something, or a blow to a being. Directed by the arms or legs, but usually the arms. This cannot be used to propel yourself.

Summon - a calling of the Force that causes objects to move. Using Summon, you can call objects to you, levitate objects, or flip switches.

3. Other Force Abilities

Mind Tricks - using the Force to influence others thoughts and actions. You can only influence, not control. This only works on the weak-minded.

4. Jedi Force Abilities

Clouded Foresight - using the Force, Jedi Masters can glimpse into the future. This is clouded, however, by how many Dark Jedi there are.

Transfer Energy - while in battle Jedi Masters can transfer some of their energy to their allies to help them in times of need. Later, however, his greatly affects the Jedi, and they must recover.

Shades of Immortality - being knowledgable in the ways of the Force, a Jedi Council Master can invoke Shades of Immortality, allowing them to live longer and grow stronger faster. This also enhances Clouded Foresight.

Transfer Life - using the Force, an exceptionally powerful Jedi can heal a wounded person by transferring Living Force temporarily into the wounds. This causes immense strain on the Jedi and requires healing.

5. Dark Jedi Support Abilities

Rage - the Dark Side of the Force consumes a Dark Jedi, filling them with escalating rage. This causes the Dark Jedi to be more powerful but less accurate in battle.

6. Dark Jedi Force Abilities

Choke - the Dark Jedi closes the opponents throat with the Force. (This attack will make NPCs die, but real characters faint)

Force Lightning - the Dark Jedi holds out their fingers and "shoots" blue energy that looks like lightning from their fingertips at the opponent. The effect is astonishing - it acts as though it frys the opponent and has aging effects on the body after prolonged exposure. This can be warded by the Force and blocked by a lightsaber. Force Lightning is not an energy efficient move.

Force Impale - a combination of Summon and lightsaber manuvers. The victim is lifted into the air with the Force and is then attacked. This is not an instant kill on Jedi.

Dark Foresight - the Dark Side gives Dark Masters the ability to predict the future according to the circumstances at hand.

Longevity - the Dark Side lets Dark Masters live longer and increases the accuracy of Dark Foresight.