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General Stu Information

Outside Life

ASB Life



KO: 11 TP: 35 SP: 5

Level Two | B- Ref

Squad Pokemon

Level 3

Phanpy (Mr Desserts) - Level Three

Gender: Male

Signature Move: Just Desserts

Backstory: Mr Desserts always had a sweet tooth for desserts, however one time a Machop stole his cream pie that he was saving to share with his friends. Everyday he went out to track down the Machop that stole his pie with no success until, one fateful day, he found the Machop, but he had already eaten the pie. This sent Mr Desserts into a rage where he couldn't help but use an endless string of Tackle attacks. After the Machop ran away the team (everyone else XD) found him exhausted and took him back and made him a new pie. However ever since that day during a battle if the opponent had dealt a lot of damage to Phanpy (if ordered to use this attack) he could use a Tackle for each round that had past, if he took no damage one round that means the Tackle for that round would do no damage, but if in one round he took a lot of damage the Tackle for that round would be stronger than a regular one. After he has used the attack he would take up energy equal to the power of the Tackle attack, which would add up of course (like a double strength Tackle would take up double energy). Useable once per battle and only when he has taken heavy damage from the opponent recently, however due to the energy involved he could exhaust himself from the attack.

Move Description: Due to his past if Phanpy takes heavy damage during a recent round he can use an attack which sends him into a frenzy of Tackles (one Tackle for each round that has passed), the strength and energy of these Tackles is based on each round (like in the first round if he took no damage, then the first Tackle would do no damage and take up no energy. But in the second round if he took really heavy damage, the second Tackle would do double the damage of a regular Tackle but take up double the energy, and so on). This move can ony be used once per battle and it may even cause Phanpy to faint if it uses so many Tackles it runs out of energy. If it runs out of energy while using the attack (as in it uses a super powerful Tackle which takes up the remaining energy but it still has a Tackle or two left to do) it will faint and not be able to carry out the remaining Tackles.

Aipom (Aipom Pom) - Level Three

Gender: Female

Signature Move: The Razzle Dazzle Cheer Routine

Backstory: Aipom Pom is very avid cheerleader, so she prefers supporting her team mates rather than directly fighting however if required she will fight. Stu found her while trekking through the jungle one day and getting into a battle with a random Mankey, but during the battle he constantly found the Mankey being pumped up by the Aipom cheering it on. He figured this was Helping Hand. Stu instantly thought that a Pokemon being able to help his team would be better than a Mankey so instead he battled the Aipom, eventually captured her. Stu watched her use Helping Hand again and again, but Aipom cannot use this attack normally so he wasn’t sure how it was possible. Aipom Pom though has tried updating her cheer routine but wasn’t sure how, so Stu recommended she uses the attack Swift. So Aipom Pom starts by using her Helping Hand attack and while encouraging her partner she will spin and release swift stars around her, which will then spread across the arena.

Move Description: Basically Aipom Pom uses Helping Hand, but since she cannot use it naturally it just takes more concentration to do so, and then creates Swift Stars around herself which also requires more concentration since Swift usually come out in a straight line. Then Swift stars will then spread across the entire field and can hit any Pokemon or any thing (including herself and partner). The entire routine requires major concentration and being interrupted at any point can ruin the routine and stop it in its tracks and the entire routine takes the combine energy of Helping Hand and Swift plus 5% extra (So Helping Hand + Swift = Energy + 5% of that number = Total Energy Usage). When used it counts as two moves and can only be used once per battle.

Level 2

Teddiursa (Koda) - Level Two

Gender: Male

Signature Move: None as of yet.

Venonat (Mr Cuddles) - Level Two

Gender: Male

Signature Move: Like Totally Hug

Backstory: Mr Cuddles is a friend and peace loving Venonat, never wanting to evolve due to his love of his fur and cuteness, even though his trainer prefers Venomoth. Due to this Venonat has done everything to make Trainers and Pokemon alike to love him and tried to hug and cuddle them as much as possible. However when put into a fight against a Venomoth Mr Cuddles found his loving nature wasn't very helpful so he found a way to make his hugs more....battle worthy. He runs at his opponent and hugs them tightly while in the process using Attract, due to their closeness he'll move his head slightly back to reach eye contact, however since he is so irresistibly cute it works on either gender Pokemon.

Move Description: A cute hug where Mr Cuddles uses Attract, this Attract is more powerful than a regular one and can work on either gender however it takes twice the energy of a regular Attract and can only be used one per battle, also Venonat can only use this move during that round.

Horsea (Exhibition Horsea) - Level Two

Gender: Male

Signature Move: Stylish Exhibition Shot of Rage!

Backstory: A rare Horsea who lived in a large ocean buried in myth and legend. One day Stu was chatting with his dear friend's Muyo (Nick) and ABL (Dani), as usual Nick was discussing some awesome topic such as Torkoal or something else of that general awesome direction, but Stu was finding it hard to concentrate. This was mainly due to that day being involved in an argument with another Pokemon Trainer involving some things he had said about his reputation (*cough* I wonder who that is hmm? *shot*), Stu had always wanted to battle this trainer but he always had other battles and Stu only knew one way around this: Exhibition Match! But these were cancelled due to abuse of the system so Stu tried to pursued Nick to allow him an Exhibition Match, but he knew it was no good because when Nick had his mind set on something, he knew it wouldn't be easy to make him think otherwise. Stu then told a tale about The Exhibition Horsea and how it needed Exhibition Matches to survive, Muyo then make the suggestion of catching this wondrous Horsea and adding it to him team of cuteness, Stu pondered this idea and agreed, it didn't take him long to track it down but it took him many a Pokeball to capture. Upon catching it Stu taught it a special technique involving the lack of Exhibition Matches around, at first this attack was never successful but over time the attack got better and better. The Horsea was mad about the cancelling of matches so in this attack it uses a Water Gun but the attack is stronger if there are no Exhibition Matches around.

Move Description: Horsea uses a Water Gun, but due to the lack of Exhibition Matches his rage makes the Water Gun stronger. The strength increase is roughly one quarter of an original Water Gun attacks power, but the energy increase is also one quarter more. For each Exhibition Match currently on (on the board this battle is being taken place) the increase gets weaker by about a quarter of the total increase (the energy usage also decreases this amount), if there are so many Exhibition Matches on the original Water Gun attack can actually get weaker. However if this attack is used in an Exhibition Match due to his love of the Exhibition Matches the Water Gun will be twice the normal power and energy of a water gun. This move can be used once per battle (in or out of an exhibition match).

Skitty (Miss Bliss) - Level Two

Gender: Female

Signature Move: Lovin' The Assist Like Girlfriend

Backstory: After always training with the power of Assist Miss Bliss always tended to get attacks which completely deviated from her preferences. By tapping into her cute skills and having a lot of hope she then managed to get Attract. Now when she uses Assist she has a higher chance of getting Attract or another 'cutesy move', not a much higher chance (about 5% more chance). However after she got a cute move through Assist she would often find it takes more energy to use, but she thought it was worth it to keep up her skills. Cute Moves effected by this attack include: Attract, Sweet Kiss, Return, Covet, Encore, Charm, Tickle, Baton Pass, Sing, Rest, Sweet Scent and Tail Whip.

Move Description: When Miss Bliss uses Assist she is more 5% more likely to get: Attract, Sweet Kiss, Return, Covet, Encore, Charm, Baton Pass, Sing, Rest, Sweet Scent and Tail Whip if any of the Pokemon on the team know those moves (that aren't out of action) however if one of those moves is used through Assist it takes up roughly 10% more energy to use. (Basically when using Assist the result is 5% more likely to be one of the listed attacks but if it is one of those attacks it takes 10% more energy to use)

Smoochum (Kissie Kiss) - Level Two

Gender: Female

Signature Move: Kissie is my name, and Kissing is my Game! Backstory: Ever since she met Mr Cuddles, Kissie Kiss has tried to kiss as much as she can, just like Mr Cuddles hugs as much as he can. During a training battle with Mr Cuddles she ended up using a new type of kiss, which wasn't Sweet Kiss like Stu ordered. The kiss was Lovely Kiss, however Smoochum only seem to learn this move through evolution to a Jynx. But somehow Smoochum seemed to master this move, it is apparent due to her willingness to kiss and by pushing herself she managed to perfect this move earlier than natural. However not everything can be perfect, the Lovely Kiss isn't as powerful yet and only has a 50% of lulling the opponent into a daze. However she can only use the move twice per battle.

Move Description: Kissie Kiss can now use Lovely Kiss, but it only has 50% of lulling the opponent into a daze instead of the normal 75%. It can only be used limited times in a battle (twice).

Golden (Miss Attraction) - Level Two

Gender: Female

Signature Move: I'm the Main Attraction Girlfriends

Backstory: Miss Attraction loves all eyes on her (mainly from guys), she uses Follow Me often to get her opponents to focus on her, but since she can't use it she finds it is never successful. But one day when Miss Attraction was feeling low and upset Kissie Kiss comforted her and gave her hope, so after day and day of training she finally managed to use Follow Me successfully in a battle...but nothing went to plan, she realised all the attraction means the opponents would attack her. After that she then decided to only use it twice per battle when she really needed it the most. Even though it makes the opponents attack her she still can't resist everyone noticing her.

Move Description: Due to her wanting people to notice her more she can now use Follow Me, but she can only use it twice per battle.

Swablu (Little Tickle) - Level Two

Gender: Female

Signature Move: I Tickle Cause I Wanna

Backstory: She has always been a playful Swablu and she often enjoyed tickling Pokemon and people with her cotton swab wings. She enjoyed tickling since it made people laugh and smile, she always loves making people happy so tickling seemed like a natural calling for her. She can now use the Tickle move. But after doing it for so long her wings will get tired and she won't be able to use them as well as before.

Move Description: Little Tickle can now use the Tickle move. Due to the simplicity of the move (just going up to the opponent and tickling them with her wings) she doesn't use up much energy doing it however if she does it for a good amount of time (one minute o.o;?) she'll get tired and won't be able to move her wings as much as she could previous to this move.

Level 1

Mime Jr. (Sir Sprinkles Whipped Cream Sundae or Sir Sprinkles for short) – Level One

Gender: Male

Signature Move: Super Special Awesome Ice Cream Flavour Surprise

Backstory: Sir Sprinkles grew up in an Ice Cream Parlour, after being captured by the owner to draw in a crowd so people could be entertained by him while eating. Due to his life there he has come to memorise various different Ice Cream taste, smells and pretty much everything about them (flavour specialities include chocolate, strawberry and caramel). Though one day after a long day of training Stu decided he should relax with an Ice Cream. When he walked in he saw Mime Jr. as it danced and mimicked the people eating their Ice Creams, it was then he decided he must have it for his team. He went to the owner and asked if he could make a deal for Mime Jr. The owner declined and said no one is able to draw in a crowd like the little cutie leaving Stu into despair. A week later Stu returned to the Ice Cream Parlour and saw Mime Jr., still at it and attracting the attention of the locals, he sighed because he knew inside that this Pokemon would be great in Contests. He then remembered how Mr. Desserts the Phanpy LOVED Desserts including pies and Ice Cream so he sent the cute Phanpy out of his Pokeball and into the parlour. He then went back to the owner and asked if he could battle Mime Jr. so then if he won Mime Jr. could see the wonders of contests and battling and then he’d want to go with Stu. It was a farfetched plan but the Owner agreed. Stu used a combination of roll outs and other attacks to weak Mime Jr. but then Mime Jr. did something strange and jumped to the Ice Cream and began to eat. After eating Mime Jr. then suddenly seemed to become super happy and playful. The owner explained that Mime Jr. has mimicked people eating Ice Cream for so long when he remembers (eats or smells too) a certain flavour all the emotions he’s mimicked involving that flavour come rushing back (adapting from the attack Mimic). Stu saw this talent as nothing short of remarkable and realised if he caught Mime Jr. he could develop this talent into when remembering a certain flavour he could do a certain move or action. After the battle the Owner told Stu that he seems to have wild determination to catch and train this specific Mime Jr. so he said he will reward that determination by giving him it. Stu felt bad about taking away the owner’s main business hook but he then made a deal saying he will find the owner a different Pokemon. Some time later he came back with a Chatot. A Chatot would be just a good a hook as Mime Jr. since it could copy what people could say for some real comedy. He gave the Chatot to the owner and then took Mime Jr. and said thanks to the owner and then left the Ice Cream Parlour. He then decided to call Mime Jr. Mr Sprinkles Whipped Cream Sundae.

Move Description: After learning about Mime Jr.’s talent of mimicking things that he sees and hears when he recalls a certain flavour Stu decided to make this into something much more. He chose three simple flavours: chocolate, caramel and strawberry. Stu would then get his Pokemon to do certain actions and attacks whenever Mime Jr. would eat the Ice Cream corresponding to that flavour. He can copy these due to his attack Mimic but also adapting it with his memory. All the attacks that he has memorised with this ability are that of the cute type. However 5% of the time this attack can fail due to memories aren’t always sound. But also since he cannot use these moves naturally and has to mimic them they have all the restrictions of the attacks that are normally mimicked (at first I was going to give the specifics on mimic but I’ve notice there are none, so I guess for now I’ll need to say about 5% less powerful and cost about 10% more energy to use because they are going to take more energy to use due to the strain of trying to remember how to execute an unnatural attack – remember the 5% less powerful and 10% more energy applies to all three of the following attacks). The flavour being remembered is based on Mime Jr.’s current mood. When he is angry Chocolate will be remembered, when he is tired and weak Caramel is remembered and when he is happy Strawberry will be remembered. The flavours and attack combinations are as follows: Chocolate ~ Belly Drum is the performed attack. Due to chocolate’s greatness Mime Jr. cannot help but go into a hyper sugar fuelled (also slightly fuelled by anger since he has eaten all the chocolate…) frenzy so this has been reformed into the Belly Drum attack. Caramel ~ Last Resort is the performed attack. Due to Mime Jr.’s preference to eating Caramel Ice Cream when he is tired he would always remember it then, so since when he is tired he is on the verge of being knocked out the attack Last Resort fits in perfectly. Strawberry ~ Present is the performed attack. Due to strawberry’s pinkness (pink is often connected to love and happiness) Mime Jr. can’t help but he happy and give the opponent a present.

Piplup (Miss Twinkle) – Level One

Gender: Female

Signature Move: The Dance of Adorable Penguins

Backstory: Miss Twinkle always wanted to be a dancer ever since Stu met her. She would always dance and use attacks like Bubble to make it look pretty, Stu knew that she would be great in any Contest that she put her mind to if he just took her dancing skills and taught her a dancing attack. He tried Dragon Dance and Swords Dance but neither of those took to Miss Twinkle’s style of dancing. One night after scanning the Pokedex Stu found an attack named Teeter Dance that is a somewhat goofy dance that confuses every opponent. So the next morning they began training, Stu started performing his own Teeter Dance but he realised he wasn’t going to teach her this way. So after some travelling Stu found a Spinda and made Miss Twinkle battle it repeatedly and each time Spinda would use Teeter Dance and Miss Twinkle would memorise the move. After a while Miss Twinkle had finally gotten the move somewhat down, she could do the dance but the confusion she found would wear off quicker or allow the opponent be snapped out of confusion easier than a real Teeter Dance. Stu figured this was due to her non-innate ability to use this attack. But to this day the two still try to develop her Teeter Dance, though Stu has figured that they may never be able to make it as good as a regular Teeter Dance.

Move Description: Due to it’s wild love of dancing and all things dance Miss Twinkle can now use Teeter Dance however due to the fact it cannot usually do this the dance takes 10% longer to work than a regular Teeter Dance (time wise), so if the dance took about a 50 seconds to work usually it would take Miss Twinkle 55 seconds to make the dance work. Due to this the opponent might not be confused as strongly as a regular Teeter Dance would, so they could snap out of confusion quicker or easier. But also in some cases if the dance remains incomplete or if Miss Twinkle is distracted the opponent wouldn’t get confused at all. The Teeter Dance can only be used twice per battle.

Shiny Ditto (Mr Copycat) - Level 1

Gender: Genderless

Signature Trait: Fun with Play-Doh

Backstory: Stu constantly yearns for a special match against a certain trainer, for this match he needed one certain Pokemon to use. This Pokemon was very special, so specially awesome no one could believe that Stu was going in search of this beast. This Pokemon was: Ditto. After searching many a time for Ditto and each time returning unsuccessfully he became depressed. While talking to Dani and Nick as he would usually do she recommended going with them to the Play-Doh factory so they could relax and unwind and play with some Play-Doh funness. While on their trip they brought some Play-Doh at the gift shop after the tour, however there was some chaos being caused by what some people called ‘living Play-Doh’ but all three of them realised it was really a Ditto…which was blue…also known as a Shiny Ditto. None of them were sure how it got there, but they knew they had to fight it. Stu used the powers of Mr Cuddles combined with Nick’s Gengar, Hecate, and Dani’s Arcanine, Karma, they managed to corner the Ditto in the corner of the gift shop (after knocking over various stands and displays of Play-Doh products due to Ditto dodging attacks as well as transforming into each Pokemon in turn). The poor scared blue Ditto began to tremble as Dani returned her Arcanine and hugged the poor Ditto caringly. Stu and Nick followed in turn by returning their various Pokemon too. Dani caringly gave the Ditto to Stu and smiled as she said he should catch this one since she noticed something special about it while holding it. Due to its long life in a Play-Doh factory, it had copied the structure of Play-Doh and applied it to its own body, so when it’s a Ditto or transformed Pokemon, its practically Play-Doh in composition so when it gets punched the body will bend when coming in contact with the fist, thus leaving a dent in its body until it gets shaped out. Stu caught the Ditto and called it ‘Mr Copycat’ due to its love to copy people, but he also trains it especially due to its odd body structure and can’t wait to put it to use in a battle.

Trait Description: Due to Mr Copycat’s life in a Play-Doh factory its body is practically Play-Doh. Physical attacks do less damage (depending on the power of the attack and the impact, a smaller impact will be absorbed more but some hits are even to strong for Mr Copycat pushing him back and such), and can leave an impact dent like if someone hits a ball of Play-Doh. However due to his Play-Doh body he is slower, such as if he runs he could easily trip since he has less control over his limbs especially his legs (when transformed anyway) and this can also effect his punching abilities to. Also if he gets smacked he could possibly get stuck to the ground and find himself unable to move. But since he is made of Play-Doh he can curl up into a ball, but his body won’t be able to make a strong impact in Ditto form anyway. So basically, physically attacks do less (5% weaker, but due to the strength of impact or if the opponent has used power ups there could be less absorption from Mr Copycat making the attack closer to it’s original strength), he is slower, when running fast can trip, can curl up into a ball, if punched hard can create a dent in him and when transformed this stuff can still happen assuming it makes sense. Like if transformed into a Pokemon with a hard body, they can still make a dent it would just be smaller and not do as much damage due to the natural hardness of their body. In his Ditto form he can easily roll himself into a ball, when transformed as say Geodude since it is small and can curl into a ball for the attack Rollout Mr Copycat would be able to roll into a ball when transformed into it. However for a Pokemon like Onix or Charizard, Mr Copycat would be unable to roll himself into a ball due to their size, weight, physical features or even their unable flexible nature.