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Tyranidos: Level 3 Trainer

Record: 21-15-4

KO's: 44

TP: 137

Badges: Biohazard Badge, Indurate Badge

B Ref

SP: 4.5

Gym Squad

Habeeb: Male Pupitar (Level 4) Bio: Habeeb is sick and tired of having to constantly bounce around to move. He feels like a sitting duck (or more like sitting Farfetch'd am I right?) and wants to have the freedom of movement. However, he could not use his pressurized gases inside his shell to fly ( ;; ) he could do something else with it.

Special Technique: Agility (Normal) Habeeb can now use his pressurized gas to use Agility, at 1.5x the energy cost of a regular Agility.

Tom: Shiny Male Rampardos (Level 3) As Christmas ASB 2007 comes to a close, I decided to pick one up on Boxing Day! Muyo and ABL graciously decided to travel to Sinnoh and let every ASBer, now have access to D/P Pokemon and moves. As I stated in the TO "I really wanted a Cranidos" Thank you, Muyo and ABL, for making this wish come true! [/corny] He is very good at handling rocks.

Special Training: Rocky Road (Rock) Tom summons rocks to point up from the ground in the entire arena! This can hurt all Pokemon (except flying types) at any time. This attack does 10% more damage as Spikes, but takes energy as Spikes and Stealth Rock combined. The rocks pop up every other turn, and keep doing so until Tom is about halfway on his energy. Can only be used once (duh) per battle.

Hideki: Male Sudowoodo (Level 3) Bio: So this one time I was walking in the woods randomly, as I seem to do that a lot, I came upon a beach at the very end of the woods. There were many palm trees around, but I saw one that stood out. Suddenly, eyes popped open on this tree, and I discovered it to be a Sudowoodo! So, I sent out my pal Conway the Croconaw to make quick work of the rock beast. Strangely, the Sudowoodo was able to take twice the Water attacks as a normal Rock type, and even fired Grass type moves at Croconaw. The water next to this Sudowoodo had somehow changed his genetic structure so then he could fight whatever decided to attack him, usually water Pokemon, and that he could attack and beat the Pokemon in return. In the end, I won the hard fought battle and found something truly incredible about him.

Special Characteristic: Grass Type So Hideki is Rock/Grass because of his location. He gains all weaknesses/resistances associated with this type change. He also gains the moves Energy Ball, Magical Leaf, and Solar Beam, but forgot how to use Fire Punch and Ice Punch because he hurts himself with them D:

Dude: Male Graveler (Level 3) Bio: His spikes vanished suddenly, like pimples eventually do, and he wasn't special anymore. So, I trained him like usual to get plain old stronger. He really wanted a sig move, so, like every Pokemon EVER seems to do, he trained on his own. He especially liked Stealth Rock, so he made his own little adjustment to the move.

Special Training: Stoning Your Lungs (Rock) Dude basically uses Stealth Rock, except the rocks pop up every turn. They do minor damage, though they do strike the opponent's ribs. The repeated blow to the ribs impedes breathing, and thus, makes them lose energy more. This doesn't work with Pokemon who are flying, or giant Pokemon. This takes the energy of 1.5 Stealth Rocks and can only be used once. It stops when Dude is KO'd.

Wally: Male Bastiodon (Level 3)

No Sig Move

Crest: Female Steelix (Level 3) Bio: After a failed attempt at becoming a full Crystal Onix, Crest sighed in sadness. She really liked crystals and how shiny they were. Ultimately, she was still a normal Onix, but through excessive training and underground sleeping, Crest learned something new with crystals.

Special Technique: Crystal Coat (Rock) Crest can now coat herself in a special crystal rock thing which helps in battle. When ordered as the opponent uses a Special Attack (except for Water moves), Crest quickly turns crystal briefly, which makes the oncoming Special Attack bounce off of her and return to hit the opponent. This uses the energy of 2.5 Ancient Powers and can be used twice a battle.

Rhino: Male Rhyhorn (Level 3) Bio: Rhino always had that need for speed. After we Brawled a few times, he found out that Ike's Quick Draw move was exactly what he needed. So, he went into intense training with the wild speed demons out there, and I aided him. The end result was magnificent.

Special Training: Charged Thrust (Normal) What Rhino does is simple. He bows his head down and gets his legs ready. He tenses up as much as he can. Then suddenly, he lunges forward at a very high speed, slamming into the opponent very hard with his hard head (not figuratively). If he charges it fully, it does the same damage as a Fully Charged Hyper Beam, and takes about the same energy. Same goes for Quick Charged. This move can be used twice, or else his muscles will tear, and we don't want that.

Soleil: Genderless Solrock (Level 3)

No Sig Move

Lune: Genderless Lunatone (Level 3)

No Sig Move

Rex: Male Aerodactyl (Level 3)

No Sig Move

Cell: Male Kabuto (Level 3) Bio: I named him after Cell from DBZ because Kabutops' head shape is the same as Imperfect Cell's head shape. As well as that, this particular Kabuto has cells of the type energies. When I revived him from a fossil, a certain Dr. Gero changed its DNA structure so then it would be capable of using moves from the different type energies.

Special Characteristic: Cells (Various) When ordered to do so, Cell uses "Metronome". But instead of every attack possible, he can only use a move from each type of energy he isn't naturally familiar with. Those moves are Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Bug Buzz, Dark Pulse, Mid Charged Shadow Ball, Psychic Wave, Air Slash, Sludge Bomb, Dragon Pulse, Earth Power, Flash Cannon, and Focus Blast (.75 times the power). He can only use any of these moves once per battle at 1.5x the energy it would usually take (with the exception of Focus Blast, which takes the energy of a regular one as it is less power). These moves will be randomly generated by the ref, just like a regular Metronome.

Marvin: Male Anorith (Level 3)

No Sig Move

Scevola: Male Slugma (Level 3)

No Sig Move

Other Pokémon

Kerr: Male Vibrava (Level 4) Bio: Because he wasn't a Trapinch anymore, he didn't have that Special Grass resistance (He doesn't need it anyway). So, he decided to use his new Dragonic Powers with the same old Ground Type that he was stuck with for so long as a Trapinch. This led to something pretty handy in battles.

Special Technique: Dragon Tomb (Dragon) Essentially a Dragon typed Sand Tomb/Fire Spin, Kerr uses up the energy of a Sand Tomb to create one with Dragon Energy instead, not having the need to be in a sandy arena. The attack itself does the damage of a Dragon Claw, as the opponent can't really sink in a valley of sand because of this move. If the opponent touches the Dragonic flames, it will take damage equal to half of a Dragonbreath and has the half the chance of paralyzing/burning (15% and 5%, respectively) the opponent as a Dragonbreath. Can be used twice per match and once per Pokemon.

Pyro: Female Charmeleon (Level 3) Bio: Ever since she noticed the flame on her tail, she has been thinking about what she could do with it. All she heard about was that once the flame goes away, she will never be able to battle again. She figured that she would need to turn this weakness into a strength.

Special Training: The fire on her tail (Fire, yeah, fire!) Pyro has learned to use many fire attacks from her tail. She can use Fire Punch (Fire Tail), Flamethrower by swinging her tail back and forth rapidly, and Fire Spin by spinning her tail. However, this is more tiring than the regular attack itself, so each attack used by her tail takes 1.5x the energy.

Pallav: Male Grovyle (Level 3) Bio: Another amazing story of body part realization, Pallav noticed the leaves on his wrists. He already knew how to use Leaf Blade, but decided to take it one step further. Instead of conjoining the three leaves into one to create just one solid blow, he figured out how to use all three.

Special Training: Leaf Darts (Grass) Pallav sharpens his leaves, just like a normal Leaf Blade. However, they do not form one blade on each wrists, but three smaller ones. He then has the power to throw them at his opponent just like someone would with darts. If all hit, it does the damage of a Leaf Blade. Regardless of how many hit, it always takes the energy of a Leaf Blade. Can be used three times per battle.

Conway: Male Feraligatr (Level 3) While swimming in the Lake of Rage (bad idea), a Totodile decided to swim along with me and we became friends, so he let me battle and eventually catch him. He has known a secret trick that is very strange, yet satisfying.

Special Attack: Water Claw (Water) Conway knows how to harness his water abilities. He has figured out how to get water pulsing out from his hands and attack with it. So his claws are coated with rushing water which is really effective. It also has about a 15% chance of water entering the nose or mouth of a non-water Pokemon, or just a land lover, which results in flinching (because of coughing/sputtering). This attack does as much damage as a Water Pulse and takes a bit more energy than a Dragon Claw. Can only be used twice per battle.

Tara: Genderless Starmie (Level 3)

No Sig Move

Sumati: Female Gardevoir (Level 3) Sumati is very upset that Dark Type Pokemon are stronger than her. She especially does not like the idea that Psychic Type moves don't effect Dark Types at all. After I caught her in a wild encounter, she has been doing special training by herself when I train my other Pokemon. She has learned a new move, but has forgotten how to use a few more. Luckily, these moves don't mean very much to her.

Special Training: Dark Sacrifice Sumati knows how to use Miracle Eye, but cannot use Snatch or Thief.

Silver: Female Mawile (Level 3) Bio: Silver has always wanted to be the scary girl. Whenever I had a practice match with her and another one of my Pokemon, the giant mouth on her head would sort of intimidate the opponent a little, but not enough for Silver. She tried to make a super scary face, but I told her that she could not learn that move. She then spent the next week making scary faces to herself in the mirror until she scared herself pretty bad.

Special Training: Scary Face (Normal I guess) Silver now knows Scary Face, but it only works on Pokemon as tall as her (including the large mouth) or smaller.

Birla: Female Electabuzz (Level 3) Bio: While I was traveling in Johto (don't laugh), I stumbled upon what it seems to be a Thunder Stone sticking out of the ground. I picked it up, thinking, "OMFG, it's a Thunder Stone." So, as I was walking, this kickass Elekid started following me. Why did I know it was kickass, you ask? Because it was going to be mine, is my answer. *hears Kricketunes* >.>. Anyway, I found out that Birla had this awesome power, the power of awesomeness.

Special Attack/Training: Electric Drill (Electric) Birla can drill through the ground with electric energy. He basically uses a form of Thunder Punch to drill through the ground and go back up (duh). Once he does this, he launches up and hits the foe (if he hits) with electric energy. This attack does about 1.5 times as much as Thunder Punch because of the element of surprise, it also has the same percentage of paralysis a normal Thunder Punch would have. It takes about the same energy has a Dig and a Thunder Punch.

Tata: Female Magmar (Level 3) Bio: When I was training with this little gal, she always had an apt of guessing which Pokemon is the real Pokemon when it used Double Team. She also spotted invisible ghosts quite well too. "Huh, she might be part Psychic." I thought. BUT BEFORE MUYO SHAKES HIS HEAD IN REJECTION, that's not why she knew. I noticed that she blew out a little flame that tracked which opponent was the real one, or where an invisible ghost went.

Special Technique: Tracking Flame (Fire) So, Tata can make a flame which is basically a tracking thing. She blows out a small flame that travels over to the opponent and stays with it, even though the opponent has used Double Team or is invisible. This flame can only be defeated with a water typed move, or a very strong gust of wind. If either of those don't happen, the flame goes out automatically after 5 rounds of being in battle. This flame takes the energy of a Will-o-Wisp and can only be used once per Pokemon.

Samson: Male Scizor (Level 3) Bio: While me and my buddy Tyrant were walking down a road, we spotted a heard of Kricketune. So then I was like "Cool, maybe I should capture one." So then I went into the forest and followed the Kricketune around, hoping to hear their chirps so then it would be easier to find them. But then suddenly, I heard a really high pitched chirp which boggled my senses and then I had know idea where I was going. Suddenly I woke up to see a Scyther amongst some Kricketune while they were feeding on sap of a tree. I suddenly thought "Wow, a Scyther which can confuse people, I wonder how it could do it." So then I sat there, hoping to see it confuse something else. Suddenly a Mightyena came running towards the bugs. All of them chirped, including Scyther, because they had been startled. Scyther's chirps had managed to confuse Mightyena as well and they all flew away.

Special Training: Chirp (Bug) Samson knows how to chirp like a Kricketune. He does this by rubbing his blades together and it makes a high pitched noise, similar to that of a Supersonic. This confuses the foe. This attack takes about 1.25x the amount of energy as a Supersonic. This attack can by used 3 times per battle.

Nila: Female Lapras (Level 3)

No Sig Move

Sarika: Female Skarmory (Level 3) Bio: Ever since I've captured her, she's always had the need for speed. Her species looked pretty speedy, however, she was just mediocre compared to some of my faster Pokemon. After getting the original concept from Code Geass, she learned to harness her energy into making herself a lot faster.

Special Technique: Energy Wings (Flying) Sarika collects Flying energy onto her wings and they start to glow. For the two rounds after this move is ordered, she will move as if she used the long term form of agility three times, greatly increasing her speed. This will make every move from the opponent have a 75% chance to hit. The opponent will also have a 75% chance of dodging any Physical moves from Sarika when using Agility or the like. And, because of the increased momentum, any Physical attack she uses will do 5% extra damage but any Special attack will do 10% more damage to her. This move can be used twice per match and uses Flying energy equivalent to Flamethrower. Sarika can no longer use ST/LT Agility

Other Tyranidos

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