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Template:Shortcut Today's featured article is a section on the Main Page where an adapted lead section from one of UPNpedia's featured articles is displayed. See #Guidelines for an explanation of the selection process.


The three main guidelines for selecting what goes in this section are:

  1. The article must already be a featured article (to nominate an article for that honor see UPNpedia:Featured article candidates).
  2. It must have a decent lead section that concisely summarizes the topic.
  3. An image must accompany the selection.

The process of choosing which featured articles are displayed on specific days is currently handled by Raul654, the director of this set of pages. If you have any suggestions, requests, questions, or complaints, then please post them on the discussion page.

Today's current article is at UPNpedia:Today's featured article/May 12, 2021
Template:UPNpedia:Today's featured article/May 12, 2021
See UPNpedia:Tomorrow's featured article for a last chance to comment on what featured article will be displayed tomorrow, and in the future.

If you're reading the UPNpedia at around 00:00 UTC, and notice the featured article on the main page has not been updated, you can make the update happen by clicking here to purge the main page cache.ga:Vicipéid:Ailt roghnaithe