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EarthKwakeBaltoy.PNG Species: Baltoy
Ht: 1'8" Wt: 47.4 lbs.
Genderless Ground/Psychic
A recluse by nature, Ankh is often by itself, training its Psychic powers. It feels a great attachment to past eras, enjoying visits to museums or archaeological dig sites. Ankh is very careful around fossils, lifting them out of the sand with its mind and stowing them away in a safe place that only it knows about. Its mental capacity is high, and it specializes in Confusing its opponents.

EarthKwakeBarboach.png Species: Barboach
Ht: 1'4" Wt: 4.2 lbs.
Male Water/Ground
A Pokemon usually confined to water, Nyl inhabits desert oases or muddy rivers. He prefers hot climates, and enjoys burrowing in wet sand or dirt at the bottom of streams. Before joining the team, he lived with a group of other Barboach and Whiscash. He is proficient in both Water and Ground type moves, truly embodying the spirit of the desert.

EarthKwakeCacnea.png Species: Cacnea
Ht: 1'4" Wt: 113.1 lbs.
Male Grass
Geb loves nothing more than staging boxing matches in the desert with fellow cactus Pokémon. Very proficient in many forms of punching, Geb usually places in the top three of these contests of strength. He trains in the caverns under the Hoenn Desert, smashing rocks and boulders until his fists are sore. Living in the desert so far away from vegetation has caused his Grass-type abilities to suffer, but his opponents certainly don’t notice any deficiency in his punches!

EarthKwakeNumel.png Species: Numel
Ht: 2'4" Wt: 52.9 lbs.
Female Ground/Fire
Cleopatra prefers the dark caverns under the desert to the intense sunlight of the sands above. Being most at home in the heat, she uses the magma stored within her to heat the caves to a comfortable temperature. She hates dampness and cold weather.

EarthKwakeEkans.png Species: Ekans
Ht: 6'7" Wt: 15.2 lbs.
Female Poison
Wadjet, like most residents of the desert, prefers the cool nighttime air to the arid heat of the daytime. She hunts in almost total darkness, able to see her prey perfectly clearly. Known in the desert as “Serpiente Nocturna”, or Serpent of the Night, she is also named after the Egyptian goddess of snakes.

EarthKwakeHippo.png Species: Hippopotas
Ht: 2'7" Wt: 109.1 lbs.
Female Ground
Taweret has been a long-time denizen of the desert. In fact, scores of Hippopotas have been inhabiting the desert for generations. Normally they simply laze about stumbled-upon oases, enjoying the abundant fresh water (so rare in arid climates), exotic fruits, and protection from enemies due to their numbers. Taweret quickly grew bored of this lifestyle. She loves exploring the far reaches of the dunes, and it was on one of her expeditions that she found me and joined my team. Now she has all the adventures she wants.

EarthKwakeLarvitar.png Species: Larvitar
Ht: 2'0" Wt: 158.7 lbs.
Male Rock/Ground
Khufu thrives in the desert. He feels at home nowhere else but around parched sands and an arid climate. He is always on the move in search of powerful opponents on which to hone his skills, and is especially dangerous during a Sandstorm, when his vision and agility are much greater than those of his prey.

EarthKwakeKecleon.png Species: Kecleon
Ht: 3'3" Wt: 48.5 lbs.
Male Normal
Amun has spent his entire life in the Hoenn desert, and takes very well to arid environments and sandy terrain. Camouflage is the move he uses most, whenever he is threatened. Due to his timid nature, he chooses often to hide instead of fight. Named after the Egyptian deity Amun, which means "the one who is hidden".

EarthKwakeSkorupi.png Species: Skorupi
Ht: 2'7" Wt: 26.5 lbs.
Male Bug/Poison
Osiris is a master of traps. He relishes in immobilizing and poisoning his opponents , preferring a slow kill to powerful direct attacks. His favorite climate is arid and hot, but dislikes sandstorms. Although devious at times, Osiris is very intelligent and apparently tells very witty jokes (which only other Pokémon can understand, of course).

EarthKwakeVulpix.png Species: Vulpix
Ht: 2'0" Wt: 22.0 lbs.
Female Fire
Isis is very versatile in strategy, sometimes using stealth and scare tactics to win a battle and sometimes using direct attacks to keep the heat up. A newer member of my squad, she has a mysterious presence about her. We first met in the midst of a Sandstorm, in which she was struggling to find shelter. I helped her to safety, and she repaid my generosity by becoming a part of the team. Isis prefers using Dark and Ghost type moves, though her flames are as hot as the desert sand.

EarthKwakeNinjask.png Species: Ninjask
Ht: 2'7" Wt: 26.5 lbs.
Male Bug/Flying
Ninjask is part of an elite trio of ninja insects that roams the dunes in search of baddies to bust (which are surprisingly few; I think they just like showing off their ninja skills…). Led by Shikaka the Shedinja, Khepri and his female partner Kurasa are quite deadly. Shikaka is a master of stealth, while Kurasa is a master of assassination. And Khepri? He’s the best at quick getaways, of course!

EarthKwakeNoctowl.png Species: Nocotowl
Ht: 5'3" Wt: 89.9 lbs.
Female Normal/Flying
Surprisingly, owls are quite common in the desert. Being very versatile, Noctowl have replaced making nests in trees to making their nests in cacti (no, not Cacnea!). They are proficient burrowers, and prefer to come out at night. Nuit in particular is named after the desert goddess of the night sky, which is fitting for a nocturnal bird of prey. Nuit also loves digging in the sand to give herself a protective coating of dirt, shielding her from the sun's harsh rays.