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Contact Info

AIM: AZ Nightwatch, but he doesn't use it
e-mail: [email protected]


Talon87 joined the UPNetwork forums on July 14, 1999 and was officially promoted to the rank of mod-administrator on June 6, 2000. He has held moderator or administrator positions on nearly all of the UPNetwork message boards, including Jaxel's, Kojiro's, and Kuno's boards. He has left the forums on several occasions, usually for no longer than several months, making him one of the most recognized users in UPNetwork's history. He has left for longer periods of time on at least two occasions, the most recent being an absence that spanned from May 2009 to May 2010.



Talon87 does not currently have any staff positions.


Talon87 has submitted 4,905 posts on the newest incarnation of the UPNetwork, accounting for 2.1% of all posts on the forum. (June 7, 2011) He has more posts than any other user on the site. (Kuno's reported figure of 11,458 posts is false, the result of deliberate inflation of the post count by using the administrative control panel.) In the four years the current incarnation of the UPNetwork forum has been up, Talon87 has averaged 3.19 new posts per day. Adjusting for two years' estimated absence (2008-2009 and 2009-2010), Talon87 averages 6 posts per day. He has created 258 threads of 2,967 total and 1,068 non-PASBL non-FB threads, or approximately 24.1% of all main forum threads. (June 7, 2011)


Account Names

Talon87 or simply Talon are the names he is most well known by. He is also known by the name Arizona Talon, which he used on Kuno's forums until some time in 2005. Following the discovery that other people online were using the name Talon87, Talon sought a new permanent user handle. From the spring of 2006 until the summer of 2007 he went by the username SuiginChou. However, most people thought this name to be too feminine; and so in the summer of 2007 he adopted the name Xuande after a brief stint as "Talon87" once more. He used this name until May 2009 when he last left the boards. Upon returning in May 2010, he asked Kuno to change his account name back to Talon87.

Other usernames he has used at the UPN forums: Irresponsible Captain Talon

Fame and Infamy

Talon87 became famous on the original UPNetwork webforum for his lengthy, intellectual posts. He once made a post that was so long, the UBB software would not permit him to submit it as one post. It required five divisions into six pieces nearly equal in size before the forum software would accept the submissions. Talon87's posts were not only long but were also sophisticated, both for their content and their syntax.

Talon87 is better known to current generations for his forum activity. He has provided the Kuno-era UPNetwork with a large fraction of its total threads posted and total non-PASBL non-FB posts posted.

Some members, notably the current UPNetwork webmaster Kuno, believe Talon87 to be an invaluable contributor to forum life. However, many current-generation members do not like Talon87 for a variety of reasons. Some of his posts have been the subject of controversy and he has even been banned on one occasion by Headmaster Kuno despite his then-status as a super-moderator. One of Kuno's most trusted assistants, Lindsay, has called for the permanent banishment of Talon87 on several occasions. She once even went so far as to make Talon87's posts invisible from her end, although she later undid this in July 2006 for personal reasons.[1] GrJackass told Talon87 in August 2006 that he hated him; a controversial decision to lock Gr's thread is as yet unresolved. Currently, the user who most dislikes Talon87 would probably be Blastoise. Other members who seem to have a low opinion of Talon87 include ZoraJolteon, Rangeetsuper, and Concept.


Talon87 considers himself on good terms, friends, or good friends with:

Talon87 has spoken via telephone with both Kuno and Loki, as well as briefly having spoken with several of Kuno's friends. His first phone conversation with a fellow UPNetworker was with KV during his freshman year of high school (circa 1999-2000). He also played "2 man baseball" with Kuno, a microphone, and AOL IM during Saturday mornings in 2001.

Until the summer of 2006, Talon87 considered himself on poor terms with the Fizzy Bubbles community, particularly their leadership. It was largely a consequence of bad first impressions. Talon87 upset FB's leadership with his frequent downplaying of the importance of FB (pre-Fall 2005). When a new member would post in the Miscellaneous Discussion forum, Talon87 would often poke fun at the fact that they were likely to sign up for FB and then vanish from the non-FB forums, never to be seen again. However true this might have been, Talon87 was repeatedly asked to stop his FB harassment until he finally did stop. To this day, many members in the FB community do not like Talon87. Some time before July 17, 2006, a weeks-old member who soon joined FB told Talon that "everybody knows about Talon87!" Clearly, this demonstrates that Talon's reputation precedes him. Discussions in the spring of 2006 with enchantress gave Talon some hope that this confusion could be cleared and good relations could be established between Talon and the Fizzy Bubbles community. In 2007, Talon officially joined Fizzy Bubbles. He later dropped out in 2008. He has not spoken in Fizzy Bubbles' Time Out chat ever since.

He considers himself on damaged terms with Lindsay, rp, ChaosRocket, GrJackass, and Blastoise.