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FB - About Waterlight

Waterlight joined Fizzy Bubbles in late 2004 at the SPPf branch, and has spent most of his FB career helping update in different zones. Soon after joining, he applied to become a ZA in the then Glacier Islands, which was later combined with other mini-zones to become Fizzytopia. Fizzytopia was opened on the 4/4/05 (though Glacier Islands was opened earlier then this on it's own) where Waterlight began his job as ZA. After helping update at Fizzytopia for most of 2005, he was transferred to Volcanic Mountain at UPN. A few months before this, Waterlight had this Homeboard switched to UPN. Since then, Waterlight has updated at UPN's Volcanic Mountain. For the second half of 2006 to now, Waterlight has been less and less active due to having less time online, though he is beginning to become more active so he should begin to update regularly again (don't quote me on that. xd). Over his FB career, Waterlight has always been a Water Trainer, and has proved time after time why Water is superior to all other types.

Real Life - About Waterlight

Out of Fizzy Bubbles, Waterlight is a 13 (well, the chances are 14 at the time you're reading this (seeing as my birthday is in just over 2 weeks)) year old from a town near Leeds, West Yorkshire in England. Currently in Year 9 at High School and enjoying it.

FB Character Bio - Short Version

Tom captured Staryu after a large amount of events which transpired over just a few months, and it all started in his home town. His father was the owner of the local Fighting gym. He was well known for having an undefeated streak lasting from the day he became leader. After living most of his life in the gym, Tom became quite knowledgable about Pokémon and battle strategy and was soon pushed in the direction of training Fighting types too. Tom took an instant loathing to the idea, and made his feelings clear. His father loaned him a Machoke to see if his feelings changed. Tom stuck to his opinion, however, but was stuck with the Machoke until he had accepted the offer. A few days after, Tom was on the beach, observing the wild Pokémon at night. The city where Tom had come from was well known for attacks by Gyarados, and then it was no exception. Before Tom realised, the monstrous form of a Gyarados loomed over the coast, glaring down at Tom and blasted the ground next to him with a Hyper Beam. The impact left him flying through the air towards further down the beach. Tom released the Machoke in defense, but it was soon left KOed on the ground. Left with no Pokémon, Tom fled down the beach and soon came across a Staryu laid on the sand. It had evidentally been hurt in the blast too, as it's core flashed. Tom had always saved a spare Pokéball on his belt in case he should ever encounter a wild Pokémon, and his instincts took over. He threw the ball at Staryu who was captured. He applied a potion he had recieved from his father and approached the beast.

"Staryu, go!" He had yelled as he threw the ball to the ground. A burst of light formed into a Staryu, who looked around curious at his surroundings. "Hyaa!" It yelled in reply, already spinning forwards towards the Gyarados. "Use tackle to ward it off, and make sure you dodge any attacks," Tom said to Staryu while it's superior speed overwhelmed the beast. Soon enough, it retreated into the ocean. Tom returned Staryu and went back to the gym to return the Machoke and announce his starter and first capture. Enraged, his father challenged him to a match, Staryu vs Hitmonlee. Tom added the stipulation that should he come out victorious, the gym would be his and would be a Water type gym. After a grueling and close match, Staryu came out victorious, breaking the gym's undefeated record. However, Tom turned down the gym and announced he would depart on a journey to become a Water Pokémon Master and to someday own his own gym and train others in the path of training Water types...



Sai | Lv. 100

Species: Starmie

Species description: Star-Fish

Obtained: Starter

Gender: N/A

Moveset: Tackle (-), Harden (-), Water Gun (-), Rapid Spin (-), Recover (-), Camouflage (-), Swift (-), Bubblebeam (-), Minimize (-), Light Screen (-), Cosmic Power (-), Hydro Pump (-), WaterGun (-), Rapid Spin (-), Recover (-), Swift (-), Confuse Ray (-)

Extra Moves: Thunder Wave, Tri-Attack, Surf, Dive, Thunderbolt, Psychic, Ice Beam, Nightmare

Beauty Points (Happiness): 4

Bio: Starmie has always looked out for Tom, protecting him from any trouble he may face. Because of Starmie's Psychic capabilities, they often have telepathic conversations and have a telepathic link. Starmie has always proved somewhat mysterious, and if it will aid Tom, will do anything.

Marvel | Lv. 35 | Hold Item: Blue Scarf

Species: Milotic

Species description:

Obtained: In Long term ZA's Ultra-Rare Egg reward.

Gender: Male

Nature: Modest

Beauty Points (Contest): 75

Moveset: Splash (-), Water Gun (-), Wrap (-), Water Sport (-), Refresh (-), Water Pulse (-), Twister (-), Recover (-), Rain Dance (-), Hydro Pump (40), Attract (45), Safeguard (50)

Extra Moves: Dragon Breath, Hypnosis, Mirror Coat, Blizzard, Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, Ice Barrier, Confuse Ray

Beauty Points (Happiness): 10

Bio: Marvel was recently obtained in a Water Glacier Egg, and as soon as he hatched, was pretty timid and attempted to hide behind Guardian the Gyarados. He soon looked up to Guardian as a tutor and older-brotherly figure.

Tropi | Lv. 29

Species: Tropius

Species description: Tropical Dinosaur

Obtained: Trade with SulcataIxlude.

Gender: Female

Moveset: Leer (-), Gust (-), Growth (-), RazorLeaf (-), Stomp (-), SweetScent (-), Whirlwind (-), MagicLeaf (31), BodySlam (37), SolarBeam (41), Synthesis (47)

Extra Moves: Bodyslam, Fury Cutter, Swords Dance, Razor Wind, Leech Seed, Fly, Cut, Flash

Beauty Points (Happiness): 0

Bio: Tropius is one cheerful dinosaur, and is always willing to help out, whether it be by ferrying the team around, battling enemies or providing Tom with fruity delicasies. Tropius has one multiple contests on making fruit and has been crowned 'The World's Most fruit-bearing Tropius' on multiple occasions.

Keri | Lv. 30

Species: Combusken

Species description: Chicken

Obtained: Adoption Center (As Torchic, Lv.5)

Gender: Male

Moveset: Scratch (-), Growl (-), FocusEnergy (-), Ember (-), DoubleKick (-), Peck (-), SandAttack (-), BulkUp (-), QuickAttack (32), Slash (39), MirrorMove (43), SkyUppercut (50)

Extra Moves: Rock Tomb, Fury Cutter, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch

Beauty Points (Happiness): 0

Bio: Keri is a tough chicken, who never let's down his guard. He's a master of most types of Martial Arts, and is proficient with most weapons. He'll never back down from a fight, and has never lost in battle. If you try attacking Tom, don't expect to come out of it concious. You won't want to encounter this chicken in a dark alley!

Beaufarii | Lv. 30 | Hold Item: Blue Scarf

Species: Butterfree

Species description: Butterfly

Obtained: Trade with Furizaa (As Caterpie)

Gender: Female

Moveset: Tackle (-), String Shot (-), Harden (-),Confusion (-), Poison Powder (-), Stun Spore (- ), Sleep Powder (-), Supersonic (-), Whirlwind (-), Gust (-), Psybeam (34), Safeguard (40), Silver Wind (47)

Extra Moves: Dream Eater, Solarbeam.

Beauty Points (Happiness): 2

Bio: Butterfree is a friendly 'lil bug, and has become best friends with Goldeen. They both often lay about in Tom's pockets talking about evolution and other issues. More bio to come later (since it's a year outdated *cough*)

Atlantis | Lv. 55

Species: Relicanth

Species description: Ancient Fish Pokémon.

Obtained: Trade with Xander.

Gender: Male

Moveset: Tackle (-), Harden (-), Water Gun (-), Rock Tomb (-), Yawn (-), Take Down (-), Disable (-), Mud Sport (-), Ancient Power (-), Rest (-), Double Edge (57). Hydro Pump (64)

Extra Moves (MTs, EMs, TMs etc): Surf, Rock Smash, Waterfall, Dive, Magnitude, Skull Bash, Sleep Talk, Rock Slide & Body Slam

Beauty Points (Happiness): 4

Bio: Tom recently recieved Atlantis in a trade and Atlantis has already made a friend in Gyarados who usually despises company

Guardian | Lv. 30

Species: Gyarados

Species description: Sea Serpent Pokémon.

Obtained: Water Glacier Egg.

Gender: Male

Moveset: Thrash (-), Bite (-), Dragon Rage (-), Leer (-), Twister (35), Hydro Pump (40), Rain Dance (45), Dragon Dance (50), Hyper Beam (55).

Extra Moves: Dive, Flamethrower, Body Slam, Taunt, Torment

Beauty Points (Happiness): 0

Bio: Since Solemn evolved, he gained a new found confidence, and has recently become equal with Keri on the battling stakes. He decided on a name-change, matching his new personality and position on the team.

Amne | Lv. 59

Species: Slowbro

Species description: Lazy/amnesiac(?) Pokémon

Obtained: Adoption Center (as Slowpoke at Lv.5)

Gender: Male

Moveset: Curse (-), Yawn (-), Tackle (-), Growl (-), Water Gun (-), Confusion (-), Disable (-), Headbutt (-), Withdraw (-), Amnesia (-), Psychic (-).

Extra Moves: Dream Eater, Body Slam, Sleep Talk, Mega Punch, Future Sight, Ice Punch, Teleport

Beauty Points (Happiness): 0

Bio: Amne the Slowbro is quite slow like most Slowbro's, but has a strange power of making random edible items appear in front of it, which he promptly eats. He has a large phobia of Shellders after overhearing me discussing how Slowpokes evolve to Slowbro when Shellders clamp a Slowpoke's tail.

Breeze | Lv. 29

Species: Corsola

Species description: Coral Pokémon

Obtained: Adoption Center

Gender: Female

Moveset: Tackle (-), Harden (-), Bubble (-), Recover & Refresh (-), Bubblebeam (-), Spike Cannon (-), Rock Blast (34), Mirror Coat (39), Ancientpower (45).

Extra Moves: 0

Beauty Points (Happiness): 0

Bio: Breeze was found in the Adoption Center when Tom visited the BMGf AC. Among the newly dropped off Pokémon was one smiley little Corsola, whose warm smile immediately caught Tom's eye. He took in Corsola onto his Water type team where she fitted in perfectly. She became friends with the babies of the team, Butterfree and Goldeen, and later on, Marvel.

Glade | Lv. 30

Species: Poliwhirl

Species description: Tadpole Pokémon

Obtained: Trade with Sasuke

Gender: Male

Moveset: Bubble (-), Hypnosis (-), Water Gun (-), Double Slap (-), Rain Dance (-), Body Slam (31), Belly Drum (37), Hydro Pump (43).

Extra Moves: Counter, Seismic Toss

Beauty Points (Happiness): 0

Bio: Poliwhirl is probably one of Tom's favourite members of the team, due to his infectious jolly nature. When he starts laughing, you can be sure everyone else will be for hours. Poliwhirl, though it may not seem like it, is quite a tough competitor when it comes to battles.

Staryu | Lv. 11

Species: Staryu

Species description: Star-Fish

Obtained: Trade with MetalGardevoir

Gender: N/A

Moveset: Tackle (-), Harden (-), Water Gun (-), Rapid Spin (10), Recover (15), Camouflage (19), Swift (24), Bubblebeam (28), Minimize (33), Light Screen (37), Cosmic Power (42), Hydro Pump (46)

Extra Moves: (-)

Beauty Points (Happiness): 0

Bio: After raising Sai the Starmie as his starter all the way from a Staryu, he began to realise how fun raising a Staryu was, and after contemplating the idea with his Pokémon and recieving a positive response from everyone, especially Sai the Starmie, he headed into the Cable Club to see that MetalGardevoir had one which he needed to find a trainer for. Tom approached him with a trade offer and he recieved Staryu quickly. Staryu found a friend in Starmie, Marvel, Tropi, Corsola and Poliwhirl especially, though fits in well with the whole team.

Bellsprout | Lv. 11

Species: Bellsprout

Species description: Flower Pokémon

Obtained: Adoption Center

Gender: Female

Moveset: Vine Whip (-), Growth (-), Wrap (11), Sleep Powder (15), Poison Powder (17), Stun Spore (19), Acid (23), Sweet Scent (30), Razor Leaf (37), Slam (45)

Extra Moves: Magical Leaf, Synthesis

Beauty Points (Happiness): 0

Bio: At a younger age, Tom always loved two Pokémon - Bellsprout and Staryu, and in turn, Starmie. He always dreamed of capturing one, yet he knew he wouldn't be allowed to capture one until he became a trainer when he was older. After his arguement over starters with his father which led to the capture of his starter, Starmie, he immediately left his home and never really encountered as many Bellsprouts as he used to. Many trainers refused to train them since they were often seen as common Pokémon. Because he never had chance to capture one, Tom's liking for them faded away until he visited the Adoption Center. His team was ever growing, and days before he had remembered the one Pokémon he always wanted as well as a Staryu - Bellsprout. When he asked to see the Bellsprouts at the center, there was only one. Terrified of the humans around her, Bellsprout started out timid, but is slowly warming to Tom and also Staryu.