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Arnold Face Sprite
StatusMain Character
Highest StatLuck
Lowest StatMagic Defense
Weapon TypeAxes
Armor TypeLight Armor
Standard Armor
ThemeGates of Hell


Arnold joins the party at the start of Chapter 3, after freeing him from Dark Magic's clutches. He is the master of the Dark Element, and uses Dances in combat which have various effects. He is from Fizzytopia and is in a relationship with Tess.

Arnold does not learn new Dances by leveling up. Instead, they must be learned from quests or NPCs, or purchasable with Arnold in the party. These skills require no MP, however there is a limit on the number of times each skill can be used in battle. The usage limits can be increased by wearing certain Arnold-specific accessories, or by his ultimate armor. These limits are refreshed after battle, except for Let's Go To The Mall!, which requires you to go back to town.


Skill Location Target Description
Merry Jig Already learned All Allies Slightly raise party stats for 10 turns.
Applies Merry Jig to party.
Rave Party Already learned All Allies Grants Sleep, Slow, and Stun resist for 10 turns.
Applies Rave to party.
Ocarina of Rhyme UPN: The HQ All Enemies Deal Earth damage and Slow all enemies.
Can apply Slow to all enemies.
Susanoo Shuffle UPN: The HQ All Allies Regen for the entire party for 10 turns.
Applies Susanoo to party.
Dire Dab UPN: The HQ All Enemies Decrease Max HP and Burn all enemies.
Applies Max HP Down to all enemies, can apply Burn to all enemies.
Moo Moo Mambo UPN: The HQ All Allies Heals entire party.
Bubbling Ballad UPN: The HQ All Allies Recover MP for 10 turns.
Applies Bubbling Ballad to party.
Thriller Ficonia Tower All Allies (Dead) Revive all, but they will be weak for a few turns.
Applies Necro to revived party.
Mazurka Ficonia Tower All Enemies Deal Wind damage to all foes.
Gangnam Style Ficonia Tower All Enemies Stupify all foes! Lowers Magic Attack, Magic Defense, and reduces enemy MP for 10 turns.
Applies Stupify to all enemies.
Lovely Waltz Ficonia Tower One Ally One friend becomes less likely to be targeted by enemies.
Applies Walktz to target.
The Robot Emina Generator All Allies Nullify weaker attacks for 10 turns.
Applies Robot to party.
Let's Go To The Mall! Bulk Club Self Summon a random shop outside of battle. Usage resets upon returning to town.
Only usable out of battle.
Flamenco Tain All Enemies Deal Fire damage to all foes.
Macarena Pasbell Self Run away from regular battles.
Moonwalk Fizzytopia All Allies Raise resist to Water, Earth, Ice, and Dark.
Applies Moonwalk to party.
Cool Penguin [G] Handy's Candy All Allies Increases Defense, Magic Defense, and Magic Attack for 10 turns.
Applies Cool Penguin to party.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Type Acquisition Description
Soul Cleaver Weapon Gilgamesh Cleaves souls, bones, spirits, you name it.
Dancer's Cloak Body UPN HQ The ultimate dancer wear.
Increases Eva. Gives dances one extra use. Prevents Speed Down.
Merry Shoes Accessory UPN Park Allows 2 extra uses of Merry Jig. Increases evasion.
Glow Stick Accessory Cerulean Nights Allows 2 extra uses of Rave Party. Offers Sleep, Slow, and Stun resistance.
Forgotten Ocarina Accessory Ancient Tomb Boost damage & 2 extra uses of Ocarina of Rhyme. Offers Earth and Slow resistance.
Susanoo Pinion Accessory Timeou Resort Allows 2 extra uses of Susanoo Shuffle. Recovers HP each turn.
Dabbing License Accessory Burni Nation Allows 2 extra uses of Dire Dab. Resists Burns and Max HP Down.
Moo Moo Milk Accessory Sunken Archive Allows 2 extra uses of Moo Moo Mambo. Boosts potency of healing received.
Fizzy Bubbles Accessory Fizzy Zone Allows 2 extra uses of Bubbling Ballad. Slowly recover MP over time.
Brains Accessory Eternal Nest Allows 2 extra uses of Thriller. Boosts HP recovered with Thriller.
Mazurka Ribbon Accessory Wild Peak Boost damage & allows 2 extra uses of Mazurka. Offers Wind resistance. Resists Slow.
Gangnam Tear Accessory 「WF」 UPN HQ Allows 2 extra uses of Gangnam Style. Resists Magic Attack and Magic Defense Down.
Lovely Flowers Accessory Ephemeral Labyrinth Allows 2 extra uses of Lovely Waltz. Increases critical hit rate. Offers Light Resist.
Robotic Upgrade Accessory Future Sprite Allows 2 extra uses of The Robot. Greatly increases critical evasion.
Flamenco Flower Accessory Lost Time Boost damage & allows 2 extra uses of Flamenco. Offers Fire resistance.
White Shoes Accessory Silverton Range Allows 2 extra uses of Moonwalk. Offers Water, Earth, and Ice resistance.
Bowtie Accessory 「G」 Handy's Candy Allows 2 extra uses of Cool Penguin. Reduces damage taken.