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Arnold, The Runpappa loving 'loon Guy.


Houndy Female Houndoom (Level 3) When out of her pokeball Houndy would always go and play around with all my Grass pokemon in the fields, over the years she had watched them battle and studied the moves that they had and how they worked, with some information on them she managed to manipulate her Dark powers to create two new moves for herself.

Sig Move: The Dark Dark Grass of home (Dark) The two moves Houndy has created are a dark version of Vine Whip and a Dark Version of Razor Leaf (The moves are made of Dark Properties that are released from the bone thingys on her back..kinda like how Venom does his stuff on Spiderman ) , but as she focused on these she lost the Ability of Thief, Bite, Pursuit and Ember.

Nucky Female Kingler (Level 3) Krabby was born and raised in a very polluted swamp over the years the red parts on her turned a purple colour, one day while she was wading through the swamp she got caught on a vine, just then something crashed into the swamp causing a wave that made Krabby swallow lots of the polluted water, luckily she survived. After a few days of recovering she went out to battle, while in the battle she used a move that she'd never used before, this was Sludge bomb, over a few months she worked with her new move and gained somemore to help her, but after working with these she lost the abilitie of some moves.

Special Training: Mucky, Mucky, Nuky Ducky (Poison) As stated in the bio Krabby has learnt Sludge Bomb, she has also learnt Smoke Screen and Acid, she has lost the Abilities of Whirlpool, Icy Wind and Bubble.

Male Weepinbell (level 3) After being Born and raised into a big family of Psychic type pokemon, over the years bellsprout has picked up a few techniques, these techniques really didn't help much, so he formed them together to try and form a move that he could call his own.

Sig Move: Magic Extinguish (Psychic) Concentratig for a couple of seconds, Bellsprout opens his mouth and fires off a random number of coloured rings from 1-4 at the opponent whatever number come out they have normal but if 1 is released it is Pretty simple to dodge, if 4 are released it will be more difficult to dodge and when they hit the opponent is forced only to use Physical type attacks. The effect of magic extinguish lasts for 2 turns and can only be used twice per battle but not on the same pokemon twice.

Ryu Male Machoke (level 3) All his life from Machop to machoke and up to Machamp when the day comes, Ryu has been a master Blades'man mastering Techniques of every sword he could possibly get his hand on but there is one sword that he hasn't been able to master Yet The Sword of Skandora, rumored to be in a castle deep in the netherworld he hopes to one day muster up a Team of warlocks, Warriors and Preists to travel to the Nether world so he can aquire the sacred Blade and Master it's deadly and Dark techniques.

Sig Move: Elemental Blade (??) Using a a modarate amount of his Psychic energy, Machoke brands a Blade of the element of which he is fighting on (eg. sand it'll be a ground based energy blade, ice a ice energy blade) As the blade forms in his hand machoke starts to rush at his opponent holding the blade to his sides ready to strike with great daamge of the element he uses (depending on the strike the average damage is the same as a Confusion), Can be used twice per battle but never against the same Pokemon.

Sheeara Female Meditate (level 3) A child of the Falluna Clan, the Falluna clan are known world wide for their Mastery of the Bow, as She grew up wandering the world with her clan Sheera took up the Bow at a remarcable young age, while she grew up she managed to master numerous Diffrent kinds of Bow and Arrow, in many diffrent shapes and froms, her name traveling across the end of the world and back claiming her to be the greatest Bow mistress of the centuary, once word got to The camp of Ryu my machoke he quickly took heade and Ventured to where Sheera was situated, as he got their the two pokemon talked and Sheera joined the clan of Ryu to venture to the nether world to retrive the Blade of Skandora where Sheera's Bow mastery will Come in very well.

Sig Move: Elemental Bow (???) As with Ryu's Elemental Blade, sheera holds her hands out and using a Modarate amount of Psychic Energy forms a Bow in her hands, pulling the teather back a Arrow forms with Elemental powers of which the ground she is fighting on (Green for Grass, Blue for water, orange for Fire etc etc) This arrow also contains energy of that type of elemant, once the Bow is Formed Sheera fires it at the opponent which pierces the body and explodes causing Damage equal to confusion, this move can be used once per Pokemon.

Hadasan Female Octillery (Level 3)

Sig Move: Hadasan Hug (Psychic/Dark) Octillery goes over to her opponent and gives them a hug, while hugging them she leaves a little Dark energy and a little Psychic energy on the opponent and after 1 round these will explode (about the same power of Psybeam)

Male Kadabra (level 3) Kadabra has had a long Passion for things that burn and the wonder of Fire and Flames, after a few years Manipulating Fire he managed to create this tasty sig Move

Sig Move: Burning Blood (Fire) Kadabra Sacrafices Half of his fire energy, this Energy then absorbs into the opponents skin and enters their blood stream and settles in, as each round passes the the fire energy in starts to boil the opponents blood making movment a little difficult and it also takes off health equal to Burn status. This Move can only be used twice per battle and once per Pokemon, this can also be stopped by Safeguard or moves that do the same thing as Safeguard.

Male Ivysaur (level 3)

Special Attack: Pointy Seed (Grass) Ivysaur fires off a seed at his opponent, if the seed hits the opponent it attaches onto the opponent a vine with thorns on will come out and cover the opponent, and the thorns should penetrate the skin, if the skin is Pentratable if not it will cause painful scratchs. Anyways if the thorns do penetrate the skin, this will cause major pain to the opponent and if they are forecfully removed will cause even more pain, but after 5 rounds they will just drop off. This move can only be used 2 times per battle and once each pokemon and it also uses the same amount as energy as a Thunder Bolt would take up.

Male Tangela (level 3) Tangela is your everyday normal pokemon, but Tangela is coated in Acid.

Special Training: erm...Ouch (Poison) As stated in the Bio, Tangela is coated in acid, thus when contact with an opponent by getting hit or using an attack that makes contact with the opponent will cause pain to the opponent.

Fernia Female Zangoose (Level 3) Born into a Clan of Elder Zangoose, Fernia was the only Female of the Clan, apart fom her mother, the clan took this as a blessing that the Daughter of the Gods had been reborn into their clan, with this blessing Fernia's Clan, The Sacador Tribe started Training her in many forms of Martial Arts, famous worldwide for their uniquie Punching and fighting skills, each member of The Sacador Tribe is Master of one form of Martial Arts, thus growign up Fernia was a master of numerous Martial Arts, her Fists had made towns all over bleed as the clan raided each area for money and food, one day while in a Town Fernia had met Ryu and Sheera my Machoke and Meditite, When they met, Ryu instantly wanted her on his team of explorers as they searched the World for the Portal to the netherworld to take the one Blade that Ryu needed to master, the Sword of Skandora. Agreeing instantly Fernia joined The Clan, hearing of the tale before hand she has her own plan in mind for when they find the blasde, but that she will only keep to herself until they find the blade.

Sig Move: Elemental Claws (???) As the same with Ryu and Sheeras Elemental Sword and Bow, Fernia Summonms a Power into her Fist (around the energy compsuntion of a Ariel Ace) The Energy used fuses around her claws and brands the Same elemant on which she is fighting on (Sand it'll be ground based, Grass it'll be grass based etc etc). Runnign at her opponent with her claws she'll strike with a Powered Slash attack doing damage on what elemeant her claws have taken. This Move can only be used Twice per battle and not against the same Pokemon.

Female Venasaur (level 4) When Venasaur was just a little egg it got lost as her mother was climbing a steep hill, rolling down the hill the egg got a tiny crack in it, it then flew off of a ramp and into the ocean. While the egg was floating water slowly seeped inside of the egg, but all of a sudden a shell popped out from the water and followed was a Slowking, taking the egg to shore the Slowking and it's family looked after the egg until it hatched, when it finally hatched venasaur was not the correct colour a Bulbasaur should be, infact all she was, was diffrent shades of blue, anyways after a few years Bulbasauar had found that with the water seeping through the egg it gave her a new move to help her out in battles.

Sig Move: Water Bomb (Water) Venasaur Forms a seed inside of her bulb full of water, she then fires the seed like she would leech seed, when the seed makes contact the seed explodes and if it hits the opponent it will do damage equal to a full powered Water Gun. Usable 3 times per battle.

Runpappa Male ludicolo (Level 4) One half of the Dynamic Duo of my Team, Hasaboo and Runpappa are always Together can never split the buggers up which makes them Pretty Good at double battles but each have their own unique abilities

Sig Move: Water Spin (water) Just like Fire spin...but with Water, Runpappa Releases a Tornado of water towards the opoonent Trapping them inside for a few turns each Turn damage is done to the oponent equal to what a Fire Spin does. Can only be used twice a Battle

Hasaboo Female Lombre (level 3) The SecondHalf of the Dynmic Duo, Hasaboo is a Crazy little thing, she does have a little nervous Twitch that happens in battle but don't let it fool you, she gets bloody angry if you mention it.

Sig Move: Water Leaf (Water) A Water Type Razor leaf, same power as a Razor Leaf, but while she was trainingto use it she lost the Ability to use an actual Grass Type Razor leaf but thats nothing, these Leafs are made out of Pure Water that scar just like a real one so be careful please.

Dr Eggman Male Exeggutor (Level 3) Dr Eggman is a scientist at heart, and a Pretty evil one at that who loves nothing more trhan causing all kinds of Problems to Pesky Pokemon, in his Labarotory thats hidden somewhere in some random mountain range over there *points* Dr eggman has a number of experiments on the go, many involving innocent Pokemon who are turned into Botniks by his many evil Machines, he also has one very Special Experiment that involves himself, mixing up Potions and whatnot he finally created the ultimate Powder that he uses every time he fights.

Sig move: Hallucinogenic Bomb (Posion) With all the Potions and whatnot Dr Eggman has Drank he is finally able to create a Egg Bomb that cause Hallucinatons to the Opponent, but he only way to make the Hallucinogenic appear is by using Egg Bomb and when it does there is a 25% chance that a Special Powder will emerge from one of the bombs that when breathed in by the opponent will cause a Confusion like state where the opponent can do anything in that they would in Confusion.

Nyan Nyan Female Delecatty(level 3) Nyan Nyan is a little bit of a weird kitty, she just loves Thunder and Lightning, while me and everyone else are inside shes running around and playing in it, just lucky she hasn't been hit yet.

Sig Move: Thunder Cats (Electric) Sacraficing her Normal Double Team move Delecatty has managedto create a whole new one to work with, sacraficing energy equal to a normal Double team plus thundershock energy she can create a number of Clones (like double team does) that are made entierly of Electricity, if these Clones are hit with a Physical attackor are used to tackle the opponent they will deal damage equal to half a thundershock depending on how hard they hit and how many are hit. can only be used twice Per battle

Cacnea Male (level 1) As I found cacnea one thing was diffrent, one thing that made him stand out, he has no arms, I first saw Cacnea walking about a forest I was in, noticing it was a cacnea I jumped right at the chance to get him, calling it out to battle, something noticbly caught my eye and that was Cacnea had no Arms, all that was there were Stumps where his arms used to be, thinking this would be a Pretty easy battle I called out one of my Pokemon to battle, but the thing that surprised me most is that from out of nowhere 2 Ghostly Arms appeared in front of cacnea,k wondering what the hell had happened we battled for what seemed hours until I was finally able to capture him, what surpried me more than the ghostly hands themselves is that they wern't attatched to him and they were free from hands enabling him to manouver them all around the area we were in. it wasn't until I took cacnea out of his pokeball that I started to learn morea bout him, when he told me all about what happen to his arms, acording to Cacnea a Group of Pinsers didn't take a liking to him, and they beat him up Pretty much to the point of death, more so when they Decided to show how serious they were and Took each of his arms off in one Slice of their Pinsers, on the verge of death, bleeding heavily a wandering Slowking saw Cacnea and quickly took him to his hut nearby, after tendering for him and bringing cacnea back to a stable state the slowking decided to help Cacnea with his troubles, being a Voodoo Witch Dr Slowking Performed a Ritual where it would bring any fallen limb back to life, after the ritual was over cacnea looked over at his new arms, but infront of him wasn't the arms he once knew,infront of him was a set of Ghostly hands that will be with him forever.

Special Trainig: Spooky Floaty Hands (Ghost) As cacnea has the Power of Ghost hands, all of his Punch type attacks now take the form of Ghost attacks, cacnea also has the Power to move his hands at will, given that it will take a little more concentration he will be able to manouver them freely around the arena to help him in battle, The downsides to having the Ghost hands are that he now takes Double Damage from Ghost and Psychic attacks. Also due to the Voodoo curse on Cacnea, he will never be able to Evolve into Cacturne.

Chowder Male Slowpoke (level 2) A old member of my FB squad, who I recklessly abandoned in adoption, startinga new journey Chowder travlled all over, geting to know himself and all about him, while wandering through a forest he was viciously attacked by a group of Murkrow who left his body bloody and bruised, crawling over to a nearby hut a young girltook him in and cared for Chowder who quickly recovered well, after months he trained alone in the forest ready to take another shot at those Murkrow, as he was training he tried to form sometihng new to him, something concentrated from psychic Energy, after a month of trying he finally was able to conjur up a shroud around him that worked well against Dark type Pokemon, heading into Battle he challenged the murkrow and with his new power he destroyed the Murkrow andgo some nice revenge on them, as he won he decided to leave the forest and venture back home, where I welcomed him back to the team.

Sig Move: Shadow Form (Dark) Using Energy to the amount of Psychic Chowder can surround himself in a Dark energy that causes all dark attacks to have 50% less power, the Shadow Form lasts until Chowder is returned or Ko'd also while Shadowform is on, all of Chowders Psychic attacks get a 50% Power Drop and if any physical attacks strike the Shadowformed Chowder there is a 50% chance that a Curse will be put on the Opponent, the Curse works in a similar fashion to Toxic where the curse drains health ever round also if Any attack equal to the power of Psychic or higher will cause the Shadowform to break.

MaleMagby (level 2)

Sig Move: Meteor Punch (Fire/Fighting) Gathering about the same amount of Energy of a Flamethrower into his Body magby leaps up into the air where he starts to hover for about 3 Seconds while a Mighty flame Aura surrounds his body, as it stars to surrond him Magby starts to Launch himself Towards the opponent his fist stretched out to hit with a mighty Punch, if magby hits He deals Damage about the Same as a Flamethrower but if he misses he will recive a recoil penelty of about the same damage as Headbutt and also a nice Cratar in the arena