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There are various elements in the Regamening. Each playable character is associated with one (or more) of these elements. Characters of each element type are healed when hit by an attack of that element. Characters with multiple element types take no damage to all the elements they represent. Almost all enemies are of one of more of these elements. Enemies will drop shards, crystals, or clusters respective to their elements.

Main Elements

Element Weakness Resistance Highest Stat Lowest Stat
Fire Water Ice Attack HP
Water Thunder Fire HP MP
Thunder Earth Water MP Defense
Earth Wind Thunder Defense Speed
Wind Ice Earth Speed Magic Attack
Ice Fire Wind Magic Attack Attack
Light Dark None Magic Defense Luck
Dark Light None Luck Magic Defense


Element Weakness Immunities Highest Stat Lowest Stat
Chaos Chaos Light, Dark None None

Other Damage Types

Aside from the main elements and Chaos, attacks can have other damage types. They include the following:

Type Source Effectiveness
Slashing Swords, Axes, Scythes Strong against enemies with vines, softer bodies.
Piercing Daggers, Whips, Guns, Instruments Strong against flying enemies.
Blunt Staves, Hammers, Hand to Hand, Silly Strong against enemies with hard bodies like Skeletons, Golems.
Dragon Spears Strong against Dragons.
Explosive Explosive Weapons Strong against Slimes and some enemies with hard bodies.
Not often resisted.
Absorb Skills Undead are generally immune.
Non-Elemental Skills Generally good against all enemies, with few exceptions.
Typeless Skills Very rare, impossible to resist or absorb.