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Hanatori Face Sprite
StatusMain Character
Highest StatSpeed
Lowest StatMagic Defense
Weapon TypeAll Daggers
Silly Weapons
Armor TypeLight Armor
Standard Armor
ThemeWacky Antics


Hanatori is a Wind Element hero hailing from the town of Artington. Her rival in the storyline is Mozz the clown. Her highest stat is Speed and her lowest stat is Magic Attack. As a pure elemental hero she is weak to Ice, strong against Earth, and neutral against everything else. When hit by Wind Elemental damage, she heals from it instead. The debuff "Choke" has no effect against her. She starts out the game knowing Wind 1, a single-target elemental damage spell. With Wind Crystals, she can learn the highest tier of single-target and AOE Wind spells.

Unlike other characters, Hanatori does not learn skills by leveling up. Instead, she learns them by talking to the respective NPC with Hanatori in the party.


Skill Location MP Target Description
Merching Fishsssssss Already learned 10 All Enemies Make a school of fish rain down from the heavens!
Iron Tail UPN: The HQ 5 One Enemy Reduce enemy Critical Hit Rate.
Applies Iron Tail to target.
tungsten Mt. Vigi 10 All Allies Fortify all friends with the power of tungsten! Increases Defense and Critical Hit Evasion.
Applies tungsten to party.
Crackadash Ficonia Tower 20 All Enemies Trample all in your way! Deals Fire damage and lowers Speed.
Applies Crackadash to all enemies.
Flying Onix Power Artington 10 All Allies Rocky the Onix will give you wings! Increases Speed and Evasion.
Applies Onix Boox to party.
Belkin Attack Emina 10 One Enemy With Belkin rage of crimson red... Use a physical Thunder attack that can Stun and Overload.
Can apply Stun and Overload to target.
Wacky Backy Debate Wastes 25 All Enemies Wacky Backy will mess with all opponents! Deals damage and various status ailments.
Can apply Poison, Overload, Slow, Choke and Weakness to all enemies.
Jumpluff Swarm Artington 3 All Enemies No foe can win against an army of Jumpluff! Reduce MP from all enemies.
My foen si goen ;; Handy's Candy 3 One Enemy Drain MP from an opponent.
TUGs Misconsin 5 Self Call upon the power of TUGs!
Bon Nuit Bulk Club 15 One Enemy Deals Dark damage and may Sleep and Blind.
Can apply Sleep and Blind to target.
Flaming Afro Skeleton Tain 20 One Ally The symbol of all that is awesome. And flaming. Increase Attack, Magic Attack, and Fire Resistances
Applies Flaming to target.
Pinaclsaur Fizzytopia * 10 One Ally Summon the power of the mighty Pinaclsasur to restore health!
WTIDA! Pasbell * 35 One Enemy Wait until it's done and...
-999 Priority.
Noisy Guitars Vigi Batallion 25 One Enemy Deal physical Wind damage to an enemy. Lowers enemy Magic Attack and Wind Resistance.
DVD! DVD! [WF] UPN: The HQ 50 All Allies Boost party Critical Hit Rate, Critical Evasion, Accuracy, and Attack.
Applies DVD! DVD! to party.
* Requires joining that towns faction, or uniting both sides in the war.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Type Acquisition Description
Paintbrush Weapon Artington A legendary paintbrush. Paint your enemies demise.
May greatly lower Defense and resistances.
Clefairy Cosplay Armor Artington The ultimate silly outfit.
Resists Stun. Boosts the power of Memes!