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Kuno Face Sprite
StatusMain Character
Highest StatMagic Defense
Lowest StatLuck
Weapon TypeAll Swords
Basic Daggers
Armor TypeMage Armor
Light Armor
Standard Armor
ThemeHeirs to Eternity


Kuno is the one of the deuteragonists of the Regamening as the main storyline begins with her talking to STLBK. She was named for the game's developer, a moderator of UPN. As such, her house (Kuno's House) exists on the actual UPN as well (although if you're reading this, there's a good chance you already knew that). She has the power of Light Element, and thus her highest stat is Magic Defense. By contrast, her weakest stat is Luck. She is immune to Light Elemental Damage and heals from it instead of taking damage. She is weak only to attacks from Dark Element and neutral to everything else. Alongside her Elemental Magic, she has various support or damage-dealing skills categorized as Helpful and Hurtful. While Kuno gains levels she unlocks new Helpful/Hurtful skills. Her elemental skills are bought at the Light crystal. In addition to dealing damage, Light elemental units tend to be more support focused. As such, Kuno's starter skills are a Single-Target heal spell and a Single-Target revival spell. Like every pure elemental unit, Kuno has the ability to learn and use the highest tier of Light Element Single-Target and AOE spells as well as higher-tier Light Element Resurrection spells. When fully Limit Broken, she has three (3) accessory slots.

Helpful Skills

Skill Level MP Target Description
Antidote 1 0 All Allies Cure most basic ailments (Poison, Burn, etc).
Instant Up 3 10 Ally (Dead) Quickly revive but doesn't heal much..
+255 Priority.
First Aid 8 5 All Allies Heals all ailments.
First Aid All 15 10 All Allies Heals all ailments from entire party.
Martyr 18 25% HP * One Ally Sacrifice health to quickly give HP to an ally. No effect when used on Kuno.
+255 Priority.
Devotion 22 25% HP * One Ally Sacrifice health to quickly give MP to an ally. No effect when used on Kuno.
+255 Priority.
Uplift 25 25 All Allies Quickly heal all allies and gradually restore HP.
Applies Uplift to party, +255 Priority.
Penance 35 0 Self Take damage for 5 turns (or until HP gets low). HP gets converted to MP when skill is used again
Applies Penance (Charging) to Kuno.
Purity 40 30 All Allies Cures and greatly resists Poison, Freeze, Stun, and Slow for entire party.
Applies Purity to party.
* Sacrifice Ring lowers cost.

Hurtful Skills

Skill Level MP Target Description
Soul Snatch 1 1 One Enemy Steals MP from target.
Life Drain 10 10 One Enemy Steals some HP. Reduces targets Magic Defense and increases Kuno's Magic Defense for 10 turns.
Applies Life Drain (Buff) to Kuno, and Life Drain (Debuff) to target.
Explosion 14 20 One Enemy A non-elemental magic attack.
Soul Stealer 25 5 One Enemy Steals more MP from target. Lowers foe's resistance to absorb.
Applies Absorb Weakness to target.
Megakablamo 30 40 One Enemy A powerful non-elemental magic attack.
TGoALiD 50 0 All Enemies The Goal of All Life is Death. Kuno's ultimate skill? 1 use per battle.
Becomes more powerful with Ainz Ooal Gown equipped.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Type Acquisition Description
Ridill Weapon Apocalypse Dragon A legendary sword taken from a mighty dragon.
Attacks twice, uses Magic Attack to deal damage.
Aquilo's Staff Weapon Arcane Lab A legendary staff for Kuno.
Ainz Ooal Gown Weapon ???'s House The true ultimate staff for Kuno. Does Magic damage.
Alters her final Hurtful skill. All element resist.
Invader's Hat Head Immortal King The ultimate hat for Kuno.
Resists all ailments.
Invader's Dress Body Immortal King The ultimate dress for Kuno. Prevents
Magic Defense Down. Slowly recovers MP.
Kuno's Panties Underwear Gatekeeper Panties for Kuno.
Sacrifice Ring Accessory Celebi Boosts effectiveness of Martyr and Devotion.