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Loki Face Sprite
StatusMain Character
Highest StatDefense
Lowest StatSpeed
Weapon TypeRegular Swords
Heavy Swords
All Guns
Basic Spears
Armor TypeStandard Armor
Melee Armor
Heavy Melee Armor
ThemeElvaan Male


Loki is a mercenary for hire with a sweet tooth and no self-restraint. He was a soldier of UPN and has power over the Earth Element. His highest stat is Defense and his lowest stat is Speed. Loki's first Accessory slot is permanently taken up by the Knees equipment type and can only swap to different types of knees. Because of this, he can only wear 2 Accessories.

Loki learns Gun Fu by leveling up. His skills require no MP, however they have a cooldown time before they can be used again. This cooldown is refreshed after each battle. Having Shield Attachment active causes enemies to target Loki at different rates depending on the skills used.

Gun Fu

Skill Level Cooldown Target Description
Poach 1 1 Turn One Enemy Poach a foe to get an item.
Take Aim 3 10 Turns Self Greatly increases accuracy. Slightly increases critical hit rate.
Applies Take Aim to Loki.
Boomstick 6 2 Turns All Enemies Go nuts and shoot at everything. Targeted Rate: ★★★
Headshot 9 1 Turn One Enemy Shoot MP out of their head. Targeted Rate: ★
Penetration 12 2 Turns One Enemy Shoot at a vital spot to lower Defense.
Applies Penetrated to target.
Shield Attachment 15 10 Turns Self Raises Defenses while lowering Attack/Magic Attack. Causes Loki to become Targeted when using Gun-Fu.
Applies Shielded to Loki.
Return Fire 18 2 Turns Self Sometimes... the guns shoot back.
Applies Return Fire to Loki, +525 Priority.
Snipe 21 5 Turns One Enemy A special shot with an increased chance of critical. Targeted Rate: ★★★★★
Leg Shot 25 2 Turns One Enemy Make 'em dance to lower their Speed.
Applies Leg Shot to target.
Snatch 30 3 Turns. One Enemy Go on the hunt to steal an item.
Cannon Shot 33 3 Turns One Enemy Overwhelm their defenses! Deals Earth damage. Targeted Rate: ★
Full Metal Jacket 36 4 Turns All Enemies Fire armor piercing rounds. Targeted Rate: ★★
Quick Draw 40 2 Turns One Enemy Deliver a quick attack.
+900 Priority.
Holy Hand Grenade 42 5 Turns All Enemies One.. two.. FIVE! Targeted Rate: ★★★
Bullet Donation 45 7 Turns All Enemies Donate bullets to a worthy cause. Targeted Rate: ★★★★
Instant Reload 50 10 Turns Self Reduce all active cooldowns.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Type Acquisition Description
Ragnarok Weapon Gilgamesh Sword of legend.
Increases critical hit rate.
Golden Justice Weapon God of Runes Get ready for my sweet golden justice.
Deals extra damage with more Defense.
Golden Gun Weapon Sealed Chamber A legendary gun for getting the gold.
Deals extra damage with Luck.
Odin's Helm Head Kyogre A helmet worn by Odin himself.
Boosts critical rate, critical evasion and accuracy.
Odin's Mail Body Kyogre The ultimate armor worn by Odin himself.
Reduces damage taken.
Broken Knees Knees Starting Someone badly broke your knees. Ouch.
-999 Speed
Koala Knees Knees Handy Koala knees. Multi-purpose.
-50 Speed, +5 Other Stats
Bee's Knees Knees Ow My Face These are the bee's knees.
-300 HP +25 Attack
Robo Knees Knees Vile Valley Synthetic Enhancements.
-50 Magic Defense +25 Defense
Wizard Knees Knees Necromancer Old and brittle.
-50 Defense +25 Magic Attack
Priest Knees Knees WF UPN HQ Blessed knees.
-50 Attack +25 Magic Defense
Rocket Knees Knees Golurk For breakneck speeds.
-50 Magic Attack +25 Speed
Mob Knees Knees Mush Don Knees taken from the mob.
-50 MP +25 Luck
Pillow Knees Knees Altaria Soft, pillowy knees.
-50 Speed +250 HP
Weighted Knees Knees Bonsley I was firing in weighted knees this entire time.
-50 Luck +25 MP
NecroDancer's Knees Knees Necrodancer Boy can those knees do magic! Resists all elements.
-50 Defense +25 Magic Attack +25 Speed
Kneesburger Knees Glitched Dark Tower Finally, something you can haz. Gives HP Regen.
-50 Speed, +250 HP with a side of Crit Evasion.