Marion Ette

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Marion Ette
Marion Ette Face Sprite
TitleBlood Goddess
StatusMain Character
Highest StatHP
Lowest StatMP
Weapon TypeRegular Swords
Regular Daggers
Hand to Hand
Armor TypeLight Armor
Standard Armor
Melee Armor
ThemeEdda's Theme


Marion Ette is the Water-element unit and the Witch of Blood Mansion. She loves tormenting people and enjoys suggesting war crimes to the party. Her highest stat is HP and her lowest stat is MP. Her skills are Stalking, which requires MP, and Blood Magic, which do not require MP. With her kit, she's good at surviving an enemy and figuring out what it's capable of, as well as buffing the party and debuffing enemies. She only has one Blood Magic that requires a questline to unlock. Water spells she can learn range from Regen 2, which heals 75 HP at the end of every turn, to Poison 3 and Envenom, the strongest DOTs.

Blood Magic

Skill Blood Cost Target Description
Power Ritual 2 Beast Blood All Allies Increase attack and accuracy for entire party.
Applies Power Boost to party.
Aimed Curse 1 Beast Blood One Enemy Lower eva, and increase damage to one enemy.
Applies Targeted to target.
Aimed Curse X 2 Beast Blood All Enemies Lower eva, and increase damage to all enemies.
Applies Targeted to all enemies.
Speed Ritual 1 Impure Blood One Ally Increase speed for party member.
Applies Haste to target.
Speed Ritual X 2 Impure Blood All Allies Increase speed for entire party.
Applies Haste to party.
Speed Curse 1 Impure Blood One Enemy Greatly decrease target speed.
Applies Weighed Down to target.
Health Curse 2 Unholy Blood All Enemies Drain health from all enemies.
Life Curse 3 Unholy Blood All Enemies Lower Max HP of all enemies.
Applies Life Curse to all enemies.
Aimed Ritual 2 Spectral Blood All Allies Increase evasion for entire party.
Applies Evasive to party.
Undead Curse 4 Spectral Blood One Enemy Turns healing into damage. No effect on Regen.
Applies Undead to target.
Night Curse 1 Divine Blood One Enemy Sleep, Blind, and Choke an enemy.
Can Sleep, Blind, and Choke a target.
Night Curse X 2 Divine Blood All Enemies Sleep, Blind, and Choke all enemies.
Can Sleep, Blind, and Choke all enemies.
Night Ritual 2 Divine Blood All Allies Increase Sleep, Blind, Choke, and Dark resistance.
Applies Nocturnal to party.
Divine Wrath 1 Divine Blood One Ally Causes ally to be more likely targeted by enemies.
Applies Wrath to target.
Dragon Wrath 1 Elder Dragon Blood One Enemy Deal dragon type damage to one foe.
Dragon Wrath X 2 Elder Dragon Blood All Enemies Deal dragon type damage to all foes.
Dragon Blessing 3 Elder Dragon Blood All Allies Raise party resistance to Fire and Ice.
Applies Dragon Blessing to party.
Blood Ocean* 3 Impure Blood All Enemies Deal physical Water damage to all foes.
* Not learned at start. Requires quest completion.


Skill Level MP Target Description
Stalk 1 10 One Enemy Stalk an enemy to find out more info!
Greater Stalk 20 20 One Enemy Stalk an enemy to find out even more info!
Stalk All 40 30 All Enemies Find info about all enemies.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Type Acquisition Description
Blood Ring Accessory Banette Might award random blood after battle.
Ichor Ring Accessory Remnant More likely to award random blood after battle.
Bloody Fists Weapon Failed Experiment A legendary weapon that combines your fists with the blood of your enemies.
Adds HP to damage.
Bloody Crown Head Ichimatsu The ultimate in spookyness.
Prevents Max HP Down.
Bloody Cloak Body Ichimatsu The ultimate in spookyness.
Offers Haunt and Doom immunity.