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Muyo Face Sprite
StatusMain Character
Highest StatMP
Lowest StatDefense
Weapon TypeRegular Swords
Armor TypeMage Armor
Light Armor
Standard Armor


Muyo is obtained in the beginning of Chapter 2. His element is Thunder and his highest stat is MP. He is considered to be a high risk, high reward character since his Dying Will skills do the most possible damage at 1 Health, combined with having the lowest Defense. Muyo is required to be the party leader when trying to recruit a certain Secret Character.

Muyo learns Moderate skills by leveling up. They have a range of effects from debuffs, unique buffs, as well as party revive, and damaging attacks. His Dying Will skills are more unique. They require him to be shirtless and at low health and he can learn new moves mid battle. He must be shirtless to use, and the damage dealing skills do more damage the lower health he is at. These skills have a chance to be learned depending on your level, as Muyo gets more levels the likelihood of him learning any specific skill increases, as long as he is shirtless and at low health mid battle at the end of each turn.

Moderate Skills

Skill Level MP Target Description
Necro Bump 1 10 All Allies (Dead) Revives entire party, but they will be weak for a few turns.
Applies Necro to revived party.
Post Limit 1 10 All Enemies Stops all enemies from posting so fast.
Can apply Slow to all enemies.
Item Usage 3 0 Self Items used by Muyo are doubled in effectiveness.
Applies Item Usage to Muyo.
Energy Usage 5 10 One Enemy Require foe to use more MP for skills.
Applies Energy Usage to target.
Edit Post 9 5 One Enemy Lower enemy Attack and Magic Attack.
Applies Edit Post to target.
Infract 13 15 One Enemy Lower Max HP and MP of one enemy.
Applies Infract to target.
Change Settings 17 10 One Enemy Lower enemy resistances to status ailments for 10 turns.
Applies Settings to target.
Unlock Thread 21 30 Self Auto revive upon death at the end of the turn. However it will revive with just 1 health.
Applies Unlocked to Muyo.
Invisible Mode 25 50 Self Reduce chances of being targeted.
Applies Invisible to Muyo.
Ban Hammer 29 20 One Enemy Use the Ban Hammer to deal blunt damage to a foe.
Rejected 33 30 All Enemies Reject all foes for a two turn drop in all stats.
Applies Rejected to all enemies.
Prune Forums 39 30 One Enemy Prune away enemy health. Damage based on enemy HP. One use per battle.
Time Out 45 50 One Enemy Place an enemy and Muyo into Time Out. One use per battle.
Applies Time Out to Muyo and target.

Dying Will Skills

Skill Level * MP Target Description
Falcon Punch 1 10 One Enemy Deliver a powerful attack that gets stronger at lower health.
Rest 2+ 5 Self Rest like your life depends on it! Recover HP over time and become Sleep immune.
Applies Rest to Muyo.
Attacco di Squalo 5+ 15 One Enemy Deliver a physical Water attack. It can Blind the enemy.
Can apply Blind to target.
Quick or Dead 11+ 5 Self Make yourself faster... or die! Skill moves faster and gives Haste 2.
Applies Haste 2 to Muyo, +100 Priority.
X Buster 14+ 25 All Enemies Deliver a physical Fire attack on all enemies.
Zero Point Breakthrough 21+ 0 Self Damage hurts MP instead and reduces damage received for 10 turns. Vanishes when MP exhausts.
Applies Zero Point to Muyo.
Zero Point Revised 21+ 20 One Enemy A magical Ice attack that can Freeze.
Can apply Freeze to target.
Ten Year Bazooka 25+ 35 Self Gain a massive boost to Attack.
Applies Bazooka to Muyo.
Electric Cornata 30+ 40 One Enemy A powerful physical Electric attack.
Chance to learn each skill increases with higher levels. For example, Electric Cornata has a 1/300 chance to be learned at 30, but at level 42 it decreases to 1/100. At level 55 it becomes 1/3.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Type Acquisition Description
Iron Husk Weapon DQ Tower A mighty hammer.
Mjolnir Weapon Smithing A hammer from legends.
Can Stun and Overload. Converts some damage to MP.
Dying Will Aura Body Aura Demon A special aura for Muyo.
Counts as being shirtless.
Dying Will Flames Body Dying Will Demon The ultimate aura for Muyo.
Counts as being shirtless.