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Key Item
An otherworldy jewel.
UsageTeaches Star Magic

Starspatter is an item that can only be obtained when you unlock a certain Secret Character, unlocking more skills the more that are obtained. They can be found on the ground, shining every so often, in most areas of the game.


# Area Location
1 Kuno's House Outside of Kuno's house.
2 Witch Forest South-west corner.
3 UPN Pass South of the road on the east.
4 UPN: The HQ East of Club Morg.
5 UPN: The HQ Inside the castle, by the butterfly pond.
6 Blood Mansion Inside in the west, near the caskets.
7 Mount Vigi Inside Kinko's.
8 Hyphenistan Range Outside, on the east side near UPN Pass.
9 Ficonia Tower At the top of the tower.
10 Swamp Land On the surface, in the northern section, to the east.
11 Artington Village On the dock to the east.
12 Emina Isle Outside, near the well.
13 Emina Generator Inside the computer room you need to hit with a Worm Bone.
14 Pristine Woods In the toxic water, if you go straight up from the world map.
15 Debate Wastes In a house, on the 2nd floor. Near deh74.
16 Waste Shrine South-east corner of the frozen Blastoise room.
17 Misconsin Outside, in the north-west. In the flower field.
18 Veryberry Fields Next to the water in the center-west section.
19 Eternal Nest Near the Drone Crawler Rune, in the middle section. Head to the north of Torkoal Stu and continue north in that area.
20 Vile Valley Near the area you dropped from Dark Tower.
21 UPN Park In the south by the pond, near Memorial Delta.
22 End Of The World East of the statue to Beyond Bounds.
23 Beyond Bounds West of the Sealer of Gluttony. Go counter-clockwise until you can't go anymore.
24 Bulk Club Given automatically after recruiting said Secret Character.
25 Arcane Lab Near the piano. Requires defeating Failed Experiment.
26 Ancient Tomb In the north-east corner of the basement you fall to.
27 Tain Inside Kindrindra's house.
28 Burni Nation In a small, darker room with a treasure chest containing a Fancy Hat.
29 Cerulean Nights To the west, in a small section outside of the club.
30 Timeou Resort North-east side of the lake near Torkoal Stu. Near the Fizzytopia exit.
31 Pasbell 2nd Floor, near Bakamen's healing spot.
32 Fizzy Zone In the small room at the main entrance.
33 Fizzytopia In the main lobby of the Casino, near the elevator.
34 Ephemeral Labyrinth In the north-west, near the Wild Peak exit.
35 Wild Peak In a small butterfly area, to the east of the entrance.
36 DQ Tower 4th Floor center.
37 Cloud Garden To the west of the bell tower. This Starspatter is slightly pink to see easier.
38 Desert of Illusion West of the Angelic Waypoint, near cacti.
39 Water City East of Loki's beach house.
40 Water Zone West of the Angelic Waypoint.
41 Undersea Lab In the deeper section to the west. Next to a toilet.
42 Stardust Field North-west corner, near a treasure chest. This Starspatter is slightly pink to see easier.
43 Rock Garden East of the Angelic Waypoint, between two benches.
44 Sealed Chamber South-east corner.
45 ???'s House Inside the house.
46 UPN Graveyard West of the house.
47 Mad Forest Next to the large lava lake, north of the Limit Breaker chest.
48 Vigi Batallion On the upper level, in the north-east corner.
49 WF UPN Pass In the north-east corner.
50 Hyphenistan Abyss Near the exit to WF UPN Pass.
51 WF UPN: The HQ Inside a house to the north-west.