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Stlbk Face Sprite
StatusMain Character
Highest StatAttack
Lowest StatHP
Weapon TypeRegular Swords
All Spears
Armor TypeLight Armor
Standard Armor
Melee Armor
ThemeWalk Stab Walk


Stlbk, pronounced "Steelbeak," is one of the deuteragonists of the main UPN storyline and friend of Kuno. He is a Fire Elemental dragon who enjoys hunting his own kind for sport. His family and house are on a wooden road floating over a sea of lava... at least they get to save on heating costs! As a Fire Elemental, Stlbk's main stat is Attack and his lowest stat is HP, earning him the nickname of "Glass Canon." It is tradition to start off one's first playthrough spamming Kuno's revival skill to get Stlbk back up because he dies before he can even hit the first moth. Stlbk's attack types are divided into three categories: Hat Tricks, Dragon, and Fire. Hat Tricks are simple debuffs that have no turn limit, however, if the enemy can cleanse itself they need to be reapplied. Dragon is self-buffs and AOE damage, with randomized debuffs thrown in to spice things up. Fire is Fire Elemental Skills. As a pure Fire Elemental Unit, Stlbk begins the game with the single-target Fire 1 attack already in his pool. His Fire Element spells can be learned, however, Hat Tricks and Dragon skills are learned while leveling up. Stlbk begins the game with one (1) equippable Accessory Slot and has a maximum of three (3) equippable Accessory Slots when fully Limit Broken.

Hat Tricks

Skill Level MP Target Description
Hat Whomp 1 2 One Enemy Lowers Attack.
Applies Hat Whomp'd to target.
Pow 4 20 All Enemies Deals damage to all enemies. Ignores defense.
Magic Bunny 10 5 One Enemy Lowers Speed.
Applies Magic Bunny to target.
Hat Whomp 2 24 10 One Enemy Lowers Attack and Defense.
Applies Hat Whomp'd 2 to target.
Kaboom 25 40 All Enemies Deals more damage to all enemies.
Magic Bunny 2 38 13 One Enemy Lowers Speed and Evasion.
Applies Magic Bunny 2 to target.
Nuclear Launch 50 60 All Enemies Deals insane damage to all enemies.

Dragon Skills

Skill Level MP Target Description
Thunderwave 1 3 All Enemies Stuns all enemies.
Can apply Stun to all enemies.
Ice Breath 7 10 All Enemies Breathe Ice on all foes! Damage based on user HP.
Fire Breath 7 10 All Enemies Breathe Fire on all foes! Damage based on user HP.
Wyvern Healing 13 5 Self Recovers HP, cure basic ailments, and Doom.
Corrosive Breath 16 25 All Enemies Deal damage over time, lowers Def and Magic Def. Gets rid of enemy boosts as well.
Applies Corrosion to all enemies.
Wyvern Scales 20 15 Self Gain a boost in Max HP, Defense, and Magic Defense. Also boosts Critical Hit Evasion.
Applies Wyvern Scales to Stlbk.
Dragon Dance 30 15 Self Raise Attack and Speed.
Applies Dragon Dance to Stlbk.
Light Breath 34 10 All Enemies Breathe Light on all foes! Damage based on user HP.
Taco Breath 43 15 All Enemies Breathe nasty taco breath on all foes!
Can apply Poison, Blind, Stun, Slow, Burn, and Choke to all enemies.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Type Acquisition Description
Dragonslayer Lance Weapon Selena The ultimate dragon slayer.
Boosts Critical Hit rate, Accuracy, and Evasion.
Dragon Helm Head Green Dragon A green dragon skull.
Helps resist Blind.
Wyvern Helm Head Red Dragon A red dragon skull.
Helps resist Blind.
Wyrm Helm Head True Dragon Lord The ultimate dragon skull.
Offers Blind immunity.
Dragon Scale Body Green Dragon Green dragon armor.
Offers Freeze and Frost immunity.
Wyvern Mail Body Red Dragon Red dragon armor.
Offers various resistances. Grants Haste.
Wyrm Mail Body True Dragon Lord The ultimate draconic armor.
Offers various resistances. Grants Haste.
Dragon Sealbreaker Accessory Charizard Boosts the power of breath attacks.