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Loki joined UPNetwork around May 2002 under the alias Aznstrength, but never actually posted until March 2003, when he had his name changed to Loki. He joined the PASBL. At the time, Loki was an impatient and had plenty of free time, so in his impatience, joined Fizzy Bubbles.

Later on he would be an active member of UPNetwork's boards and a Moderator of Fizzy Bubbles, then Misc. Discussions and the Pokemon Video Game Forums. Eventally he was entitled Super Moderator and then was promoted to Admin.



The first anime Loki saw would technically be DBZ or Sailor Moon. But the show that caught his attention was in High School. The show being Naruto. Since then, Loki has seen a large variety of shows.

His favorites (in no particular order): My-HiME, Full Metal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, Please Teacher, Please Twins, Excel Saga, Bleach, Naruto, One Piece, The Slayers, Bubblegum Crisis 2040, Tenchi Muyo series, Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien, and a whole lot more.


In his youth, Loki had a deep fondness for various comic books including Marvel's Spider-man and X-Men as well as DC's Batman and Image Comic's Spawn. But the poor storylines of the 90s and his small allowance caused him to stop purchasing comics. It would not be until his High School/College years when Loki would begin buying Manga to go along with his Anime obsession.

His collection includes:
Tokyo Pop: Immortal Rain, DearS, Battle Vixens, DNAngel, GetBackers, Ragnarok, Psychic Academy, Love Hina, A.I. Love You, Girls Bravo and Deus Vitae.
ADV Manga: Full Metal Panic!, Chrono Crusade, Azumanga Daioh, Those Who Hunt Elves, By the Sword.
Viz: Full Metal Alchemist, Excel Saga, Midori Days, Evangelion, and Monster.
Shonen Jump: Bleach and Death Note.
Del Rey: Negima!, School Rumble! and Genshiken.
Others: Onegai Teacher, The Slayers Specials, and some others I can't find.

Video Games[edit]

While Loki does play various genres, his favorites are RTS and FPS. Unfortunately he has no skill in either one. Recently he has grown to like many RPGs.

His primarily console is the PC, but he does own a GameCube, a PS2, GBA SP, Nintendo DS and a PSP.

Favorite Game EVER: Star Control 2 (aka THe Ur-Quan Masters) for DOS.


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Fizzy Bubbles[edit]

Loki joined Fizzy Bubbles in Spring 2003 with his trusty Dunsparce as his starting Pokemon. Then in May, Loki obtained ownership of the Water Zone (by default (the two best words in the English language)) and became heavily involved in updating for a long period of time.

Currently, Loki has retired from his Zone Ownership and given the deeds to the Water Zone to Shinjara. He now updates the Daycare Center and occassionally posts here and there.

Recently, Loki has decided to re-join zone adventures, starting with Sapphire Island at BMGf.