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Blastoise Face Sprite
StatusMain Character
Highest StatMagic Attack
Lowest StatAttack
Weapon TypeBasic Daggers
Hand to Hand
Basic Guns
Explosive Weapons
Armor TypeStandard Armor
Melee Armor
Heavy Melee Armor
ThemeArena Theme


Blastoise joins the party in Chapter 2, after being carefully unfrozen by Muyo. He is the master of the Ice Element, and has the highest Magic Attack out of every character. Serious and cynical, Blastoise usually insults Talon in one way or another during cutscenes.

His abilities all revolve around Hexes. Hex + skills can buff the party or even heal everyone. Hex - skills are usually debuffs or can deal damage. Unlike other characters Personal Skills, almost all of them have durations. In exchange, their potency is usually very high. Blastoise is one of two characters who is capable of dealing Typeless damage.

Hex + Skills

Skill Level MP Target Description
Purity Hex 1 10 All Allies Recover party health.
Damage Hex 1 5 All Allies Boost Attack for 20 turns.
Applies Damage Hex to party.
Boon Hex 5 5 All Allies Increases Magic Defense for 20 turns.
Applies Boon Hex to party.
Healing Hex 8 10 All Allies Party recovers more when healed for 20 turns. Also boosts Max HP slightly.
Applies Healing Hex to party.
Defensive Hex 10 10 All Allies Reduces damage received for 20 turns.
Applies Defensive Hex to party.
Soothing Hex 17 15 All Allies Cure all allies of basic status ailments. Boosts resistance to basic ailments for 20 turns.
Applies Soothing Hex to party.
Charging Hex 24 15 One Ally Target recovers MP for 10 turns. Offers immunity to Overload.
Applies Charging Hex to target.
Healing Hex 2 29 15 All Allies Party recovers slightly more when healed. Doesn't expire.
Applies Healing Hex 2 to party.
Fortifying Hex 35 25 All Allies Prevents severely damaging attacks for 10 turns.
Applies Fortifying Hex to party
Revenge Hex 41 25 One Ally Physical attacks will hurt attacker as well.
Applies Revenge Hex to target.
Enduring Hex 45 25 All Allies Gives party a chance to survive with 1 HP.
Applies Enduring Hex to party.

Hex - Skills

Skill Level MP Target Description
Nerfing Hex 3 3 One Enemy Slightly reduce all stats of one enemy.
Applies Nerfing Hex to target.
Unhealing Hex 8 5 One Enemy Prevent enemy from being healed.
Applies Unhealing Hex to target.
Vile Hex 13 10 One Enemy Increase damage received.
Applies Vile Hex to target.
Bloody Hex 21 10 One Enemy Damage to target recovers Blastoise's HP.
Applies Bloody Hex to target.
Magic Hex 31 15 One Enemy Deals damage over time based on user's Magic Attack and Magic Defense stats.
Applies Magic Hex to target.
Critical Hex 38 15 One Enemy Greatly reduce enemy critical hit rate.
Applies Critical Hex to target.
Death Hex 40 15 One Enemy Deals magical typeless damage to an enemy.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Type Acquisition Description
Golden Bazooka Weapon Vile Valley The greatest thing ever.
Reduces damage taken.
God-Emperor Crown Head Phoenix The ultimate god-like armor.
Prevents Magic Attack down. Reduces MP costs.
God-Emperor Robes Body Phoenix The ultimate god-like armor.
Recover HP and MP each turn.