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Blastoise's defeats cure cancer. Too bad he's never lost.

Main Squad

Rats: Male Raticate (level 3)

Throughout the pages of ASB history--hidden deep within the footnotes of books with titles such as Fisting of the North Star and Debbie Does Darnassus--a recurring character is described: a Raticate with dark gray fur, a drinking problem typically associated with Irishmen and the ability to get any Poke-hoes he wanted. After years of sabbatical in seedy towns south of the border, Rats has come back to judge the ASB and found it wanting. With many of the old guard dispersed to the winds (and many castrated by the various rule changes that ensured that not every Tom-Dick-and-Hariyama can summon mighty demons that can tear the world asunder) Rats has helped to assemble a new team of Pokemon that will show the rookies how it's really done.

Special Training: Never Say Die(normal)

Rats has been a part of the ASB for a long time, so anyone who chooses to underestimate this Raticate does so at their peril. Rats' most notable trait is his incredible physical resilience: his stamina and energy are higher than normal, allowing him to take more punishment (a Thunderbolt's worth, typically) and use more attacks (again, another Thunderbolt's worth of energy) before fainting. This incredible endurance, along with a good deal of luck makes Rats incredibly hard to kill, and he can survive situations that would kill most other Pokemon (though not without serious injury in most cases).

Targe: Male Blastoise (level 4)

Affirmative action selection required to fill the turtle quota. In a previous existence Targe bravely pulled raid bosses that either 1)were heavily composed of molten lava and fire 2)had huge teeth or 3)all of the above, and as a result has almost no fear of death.

Special Training: Dauntless (Water)

Targe has learned to keep his wits about him during moments of extreme duress, especially when duress is 15 feet tall and can chew through steel doors. Any attempt by an enemy Pokemon to scare, confuse, or otherwise demoralize Targe is much less effective.

Gaia: Female Ivysaur(level 3)

Special Training: Kudzu (Grass)

Gaia's grass-based attacks that require her to "grow" items for the attacks (moves like Vine Whip and Razor Leaf) come out much more quickly than expected, making them harder to dodge and more likely to make called shots. These attacks also require slightly more energy than normal.

Sparky: Male Arcanine(level 3)

Special Technique: Firewalker (Fire)

Sparky disappears in a burst of flame, suddenly reappearing from any open flame in the vicinity. Size is not an issue: a flame as small as one on a candle will suddenly expand, revealing Sparky when it recedes. Sparky cannot teleport into flames that are a part of another Pokemon's body (eg. a Charizard's tail flame). Any Pokemon near Sparky when he teleports or reappears takes a small amount of fire damage from the surging flames. This move requires roughly as much energy as the move Teleport.

Kikuko: Female Ralts (level 1)

Special Training: Invisible Friend (Psychic)

Kikuko is accompanied to battle by her "friend" Gassy, which looks like a mouthless Gastly in bright, visually offensive pastel colors. As a psychic construct of Kikuko's mind(it can only be seen by Kikuko, her trainer, and any other psychics/psychic Pokemon), it has no tangible mass and cannot be attacked, nor can it physically impede anything or be physically impeded. Regardless, Kikuko has learned how to channel her special attacks through Gassy in battle, allowing him to act as the origin point for them instead of Kikuko herself. Using special attacks through Gassy consumes 50% more energy than normal, and only one attack can be used through Gassy each round. Gassy can be ordered to move around the field without using a move, but it cannot go beyond 50 feet of Kikuko.

Kikuno: Female Ralts (level 1)

Kikuno is a strange breed. Unlike most other psychics or even her twin sister, Kikuno's more traditional psychic abilities are fairly weak: she can barely lift anything with Psychic and her Shadow Balls would make Dan Hibiki piss himself laughing. While this would seem to doom Kikuno to a life of misery, in truth her psychic abilities reflect much more closely with that of a Medicham or Gallade, and her physical strength is immense despite her gender and size. Regardless, Kikuno still feels like a misfit and desperately tries to prove her worth.

Special Training: Brawler (Fighting)

Despite her species and gender, Kikuno uses the movepool available to Gallade rather than the standard movepool open to Ralts->Kirlia->Gardevoir. Her stats are also similar to a Gallade's instead of a Gardevoir's (ie Gallade swaps Gardevoir's attack and special attack stats).

Athena: Female Ampharos (level 3)

Athena speaks little, if at all. This stems not because she's shy, but more or less because she believes in the concept that you can say a lot with a little. She has become something of a loremaster in her off time, and no one knows the area within 100 miles of the Bakemono gym better than she does. She has taken the name Athena, from the Greek goddess of wisdom.

no sig move

Rahat: Male Dragonair (level 3)

No Signature Move

Beta: Female Houndoom (level 3)

Sparky's love interest, she seems to finally be reciprocating it, and they seem to be romantically involved. She is a talented battler, and is a force to be reckoned with in any situation.

No Signature Move

Tidal: Male Gyarados (level 3)

Despite the Gyrados stereotype of random, rampant destruction, Tidal is surprisingly intelligent. This doesn't mean he's any less capable of wreaking havoc if he needs to, however. Tidal, unlike most Gyrados, is blood red with black spots.

no sig move

Eats: Female Espeon (level 3)

Eats is the daughter of Rats and Eevil. She was presumed lost when the league reset, but she eventually found her way back to her parents, where she took up allegiance with Blastoise and co.

No Signature Move

Eevil: Female Umbreon (level 3)

For those who don't know, Rats and Eevil mated the first time Blastoise and The Mozz fought. In result, Eevil became pregnant and bore Eats, the daughter of herself and Rats. However, Rats has shown himself to be a less-than-adequate father at times, largely leaving the task of rasing Eats to Eevil. While it's likely that Eevil still loves Rats, his chaunivistic nature can be a turn off at times. The chaos that the reset caused the continuity caused Eevil and Eats to be separated from The Mozz. She then teamed up with Blastoise and co., who eventually found her daughter.

no sig move

Seri: Female Aerodactyl (level 3)

no sig move

Ronin: Male Gligar (level 3)

Quite possibly the oldest Pokemon on Blastoise's squad, Ronin has seen a lot in his lifetime. Always content to try new things, no one is really sure what Ronin will do next.

No Signature Move

Ghost Squad

Oni: Female Haunter (level 3)

No Signature Move

Gin: Female Misdreavus (level 3)

No sig move

Menoko: Female Snorunt (level 1)

no sig move

Thamar: Female Spiritomb (level 1)

no sig move

Gambler: Male Sableye (level 1)

no sig move

Cauldron-Born: Male Duskull (level 1)

Cauldron-Born, despite having a name linked with Scottish myth, was actually born and raised in Mexico. Embracing the power of cultural stereotypes to its fullest, Cauldron-Born is obsessed with lucha libre wrestling (so much that his skull "mask" is painted blue and gold) and envisions the glorious day when he will have hands, for he will be able to join the proud ranks of masked wrestlers everywhere.

Special Training: Usted es ya muerto (Fighting)

Cauldron-Born has trained for many years for the day he can become a mighty wrestler, and because of this he is now a Ghost/Fighting type with all associated weaknesses and resistances. As soon as Cauldron-Born evolves to Dusclops/Dusknoir, it will gain the ability to use Submission at the cost of not being able to use Future Sight.

Gunbatisi: Female Drifloon (level 1)

It was the 1940's, and war had once again engulfed the world. In these desperate times many strange inventions were designed in the hopes of turning the tides of war, including massive ships made of ice, supertanks, flying tanks, and planes that bore a striking resemblance to some marital aids. Into this era Gunbatsi was born and raised, before being recruited by the military as a carrier "pigeon". Mindful of the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune (also German anti-air), Gunbatsi was entered into a pilot program that sought to reinforce Pokemon with human technology as an additional form of protection. The pilot program was only a mixed success and got axed shortly after the first trial run, but regardless the changes wrought on Gunbatsi allowed her to survive the war and make it to the present day.

Special Training: Iron Soul (Steel)

For reasons specified in the bio, Gunbatsi is now a ghost/steel type with all associated weaknesses and resistances. The steel armor takes the form of carefully inlaid ribs overlapped with iron plates inside of her body. Unfortunately, during the pilot program they never managed to work all the kinks out, and so this protection comes with a few disadvantages. First, the extra plating slows Gunbatsi down, so she is slower than others of her kind. The second is that she only gains the benefit of her steel type while in solid form: going into any other state causes her to lose the resistances of her steel typing, but she still retains the weaknesses. Third, the metal in her body is pushing over half a century at this point and is more vulnerable to temperature extremes: Gunbatsi's steel typing provides no resistance against ice attacks and fire attacks do 2.5x their normal damage instead of 2x. Finally, due to the armor protection Gunbatsi can no longer turn invisible effectively: her body will disappear, but the steel plates inside of her will remain visible, thus betraying her location.

Kirchoff: Genderless Rotom (level 1)

no sig move