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UnlocksChapter 1

Hunts are optional fights that offer unique rewards. The player must sign up by talking to Heather at the Hunter's Guild in UPN HQ to unlock Hunts. There are 8 ranks available, and ranking up is possible after defeating either 5 of the 8 enemies in that rank, or by defeating the Hunt Boss for that rank. The method for spawning hunts vary, and are often more difficult than regular enemies you fight in that area. Each Hunt may only be fought one time.

Legendary Rank can only be obtained by clearing every possible Hunt.

Rank F Hunts

The Walking Forest

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Exeggutor Witch Forest Malformed Staff Weapon
Alolan Exeggutor G Witch Forest Long Long Staff Weapon
Ok so listen up. One day me and my girl were having a nice time over at Witch Forest. We were sitting together when we decided to lean back against one of the many trees. Suddenly it began to move and it decided to lean back on us! My girl ran off screaming. The picnic was completely ruined. Ever since that day my life has known nothing but despair. We ended up breaking up, and I even lost my job. This is completely unreal, bro!

Please take care of the jerk tree so that my life will hopefully go back to normal. If it is where I last saw it, you can run into it in the southeastern part of Witch Forest. I hope you have better luck with it than I did.

Will always be up in the eastern part of Witch Forest.
Alolan Exeggutor will replace regular Exeggutor if the area has been glitched before doing the Hunt.

Wandering Smog

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Torkoal Hyphenistan Range Horned Helm Head
Hyphenistan Range is not a safe place to be. However our science research team doesn't know the meaning of the word safety. Literally. We lost our entire team to this strange foe. Now, to be fair, tossing rocks at it while it was sleeping might have played a factor into our complete and utter defeat. Regardless, I would like for someone to avenge my poor science research team. The strange thing is when I went back to find it again after all my bones healed up, it wasn't there anymore! I'm not sure why it was not there but I'm sure it will probably show up for you. Good luck and remember to stay safe and also hopefully alive.
Will always be up in one of four possible spots in Hyphenistan Range.

Shark Attack

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Carvanha UPN Pass Hunting Knife Weapon
It's no secret that UPN Pass is rather dangerous. Many sharks roam the lands in the south.. somehow. And while they are relatively easy to take care of, I was beaten. For you see, one day I saw something much stronger. A powerful shark has appeared to take revenge on me! And now I want you to take revenge on it for taking revenge on me! That will surely end the cycle once and for all! It is rather fast and fairly strong, so you will need to be extremely careful. Only the strongest and bravest need apply. You can find it near the waters in UPN Pass. It shouldn't be too difficult to find. Taking care of it will be the hard part.
Will always be up in the south-eastern part of UPN Pass.

The Prey

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Dusknoir Swamp Land Mortarboard Head
Oh my god I was attacked by a scary monster underground over at Swamp Land please help me I was at low health and very scared and tired and I ran all the way here since I saw it and I can't stop talking or stand still since I think it will catch up to me and oh my god is that it over there no wait its just the lamp please help me I can't sleep or do anything except run away all the time I can't even stop running my mouth I gotta get away and I gotta get away as fast as possible please put my spirit at ease by traveling to Swamp Land and find out what I did to make it appear before me and then take care of it I just made it to the Hall of oh shit there it is ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
Spawns in the basement part of the Hall of Mirrors in Swamp Land. Requires the party to be at low health.

Feats of Strength

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Machamp Ficonia Tower Pummeling Fists Weapon
A warrior is proud of their strength. I decided to dedicate my life to getting stronger. When I heard there was a very powerful foe in Ficonia Tower, I sought to challenge and surprass it. However I now see that this was a mistake. It is an enemy that cannot be beat. If you think you have the strength to take it down then travel to Ficonia Tower. Be warned, you will need to get the key to travel beyond the safe limits of the city. But if you think you can defeat this powerful foe, then you should be able to get your hands on a key. I beg of you! Surpass me! Do what no other person has been able to do and show the world your true strength!
Spawns on 2F Ficonia Tower. Requires a key which cannot be purchased until Chapter 2.

Gift from the Sea

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Clamperl Raftasaurus Pearl Platemail Body
Huntail & Gorebyss G Raftasaurus Nacre Platemail Body
It was a dark and stormy night upon the Raftasaurus. We were lost and our captain "accidentally" forgot all the water back on land and brought his booze on board by mistake. We didn't seem to mind our drunken sea adventures all too much when we suddenly heard a loud sound from the back of the raft! A sea monster climbed aboard our mighty vessel! We assumed it wanted some alcoholic beverages as well but we were wrong. We all got scared and left it there for the night. The next day when we woke up the monster was gone! But I cannot have inner peace knowing that this thing is still out there somewhere.
Spawns during the rain on Raftasaurus.
Huntail & Gorebyss will replace regular Clamperl if the area has been glitched before doing the Hunt.

The Curse

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Banette Blood Mansion Blood Ring Accessory
I am a paranormal investigator looking for strange anomalies throughout UPN. I had ventured over to Blood Mansion to investigate some strange rumors that I had heard from the people at Mount Vigi. After much investigation I have found a large collection of doomed and cursed souls. However they were not all stray beings, but rather one vengeful spirit fused together. It would appear that they are lying dormant for the moment, but this is an extremely powerful entity. My hypothesis is that should the target of their grudge appear before them, they will turn hostile and start to attack. Please handle this enemy with extreme caution.
Requires Marion Ette to be in the party.

A Crescent Moon

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Cresselia Artington Village Sacrifice Robe Body
An artist always struggles looking for their muse. And I am but a simple artist. The canvas is my soul. The paint is my blood. I work hard every day to hone my craft. One day I saw the most beautiful moon I have ever laid eyes upon. I needed to capture its beauty onto my paper. I silently approached it when suddenly it noticed my presense. It smacked my sketchbook out of my hands and knocked it into the water. All my yaoi fanart is now completely ruined! What will I give to my Patreon backers now? I must have revenge! I want to paint the ultimate portrait - one of its demise! Are you up to the task?

Rank F Boss

Will always be up in the eastern part of Artington Village.

Rank E Hunts

Shocking Duet

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Plusle & Minun Emina Generator Sun Hat Head
One day I heard a strange song coming deep from the depths of Emina Isle. I did some investigating and realized it was coming from the Emina Generator. I'm not sure what they are or what they are actually doing but I can hear them all the time. And to be honest it's really annoying. I wish it would just stop. I've tried sending people down to investigate but no one wants to go down that deep into the generator. To be fair, I don't really blame them but I'm sure someone is up for it. This is where you come in. I do know for certain that there are two of them. Please keep that in mind while you take care of the enemy. Let me be able to get a decent nights sleep once and for all!
Will always be up in the north-eastern part of Emina Generator.

Ancient Frost

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Amaura Waste Shrine Combat Coat Body
Many mysteries have surrounded Waste Shrine. What is it hiding down there? What are the secrets untold that we do not yet know? There are many legends, of course, but which are true? Which are fiction? I am hiring you to explore the depths and to tell me what you find. But you should know this is no simple wild goose chase. One legend in particular pertains to an ancient frost. I recommend wearing lots of warm clothing for this adventure, as being unprepared will surely result in your demise. Be thorough in your exploration. Leave no stone unturned in your search. And most importantly, come back alive.
Requires entering Waste Shrine through the frozen Blastoise room and running to the area near Torkoal Stu. It spawns east of the pit. Using the teleporter will not make it appear.

Silent Watcher

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Noctowl Swamp Land Noctowl Feather Accessory
To be honest everyone has the feeling that something is watching them when they visit Swamp Land. Heck, it was even advertised as a feature back when it was a working theme park. But this is different. This isn't the normal feeling of having a strange abomination gaze upon you or the feeling of an undead which craves the flesh of the living. No instead, these are the eyes of a living predator. And I feel as though I am the prey. This is unnatural! Well actually, it's perfectly natural. But it's not right! No.. wait. It's kind of right. But it doesn't belong in our beloved Swamp Land! You must travel there and get rid of this strange intruder!
It will always be up, as long as it is not raining, on the northern half of the surface, on the eastern side of Swamp Land.

Oh Nose

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Probopass Emina Fortress Metal Bat Weapon
You're one of those brave and powerful hunters, right? Then surely this task is one that you will be able to handle just fine. My request is simple, I need a new nose. For you see, I lost mine in the war. While I fought bravely for my land and my people, I came back with this disfigurement. And while hunting this prey will not actually help my situation any, it will certainly make me feel quite a whole lot better. This enemy is one whose mere existence is a mockery of everything I've lost in my life. Please, hunter, slay this beast for me! Sure, it did nothing wrong and bothered no one in any way, shape, or form, but it must be defeated because I said so!
Will always be up in Emina Fortress.


Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Magmortar Veryberry Fields Expert Cutlass Weapon
Growing plants is a difficult task. One must be attentive to the soil, the weather, any pests, and know how to properly take care of and grow plants. One must realize my situation when a monster appears that can easily set things on fire. Life comes from the earth, it is not natural for one to easily extinguish this life. Unfortunately I am not much of a fighter and so I request the strength of a pro hunter. I have waited and watched to see when it appears but sadly I have not seen it a single time. I'm not very sure what causes it to appear but I am certain it wouldn't show itself in the rain. Bring justice to my helpless plants who cannot defend themselves.
Requires a Heatwave weather to spawn. Will appear in the north-eastern part of Veryberry Fields.

Special Delivery

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Delibird & Stantler Pristine Woods Santa Hat Head
Santa is real and he killed my cat. Let me tell you the story of what happened last year. It was late at night and I was taking my cat for a walk. Which is a perfectly normal thing that people do. It was not snowing too heavily that day when I suddenly saw it. A reindeer. And behind it was the mastermind himself - Santa. Now you might call me crazy but I know what I saw. So then the villain approached with his reindeer and rained down icy fury upon my poor helpless cat. To be fair my cat panicked and starting hissing a lot. And started to claw at the reindeer. But it was self defense! I promise you! Now go to the Pristine Woods and take care of Santa!
It will always be up, as long as there is no heavy snowfall, on the eastern side of Pristine Woods.


Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Electrode Eternal Nest Charged Lance Weapon

A strange ticking noise can be heard from the depths of Eternal Nest. I am positive that this is not a good thing and I am extremely worried. No one at Veryberry seems to be particularly concerned, and the fine people over at Misconsin have other matters that are more pressing. And so I must turn to the Hunters Guild. Hopefully someone out there is willing to investigate this anomaly for me. If it is dangerous then I call upon you to neutralize the threat. If not then I beg of you to find a way to stop the ticking. Whatever it is, I beseech you to do it quickly. Whatever it is counting down to... I don't want to be there when it is finally done.

Requires a Heatwave weather to spawn. Will appear in the north-eastern part of Veryberry Fields.

A New Moon

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Darkrai Artington Village Nightmare Axe Weapon
Nightmares have engulfed Artington Village. This is a real issue for which we have no real solution. It all started with one strange dream a villager had. Then that dream quickly became a nightmare. To make it worse, that same nightmare began to spread throughout. Before we knew it, what began as the strange ramblings of a girl quickly became the reality for all of us. We have no way to deal with this and we have not had a restful night in what seems like eternity. We thought all hope was lost until one night someone saw something strange floating over our homes and around the village. Clearly this must be the fiend at work. Find it, and destroy it!

Rank E Boss

Will always be up in the eastern part of Artington Village.

Rank D Hunts

Waste Disposal

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Garbodor Witch Forest Magic Circlet Head
Gigantamax Garbodor G Witch Forest Max Circlet Head
I've seen a lot of nasty stuff over the years but this takes the cake. I'm a garbage man over by Debate Wastes so I've seen living, breathing trash before. I've even had a couple of nice conversations with this one half-eaten tuna casserole. But the other day this huge heap of trash started getting real nasty and aggressive with me. I tried to put it in its place. I yelled, "AHHHH, I'm the trashman!" I came out, I threw trash all over the ring. And then, I started eating garbage. I picked up a trash can and bashed the thing on the head. And then I got my ass kicked. This is something you can take care of, right? Beat it up for me, kapeesh?
Will always be up in the northern part of Witch Forest, inside of a house near Handy's Candy.
Gigantamax Garbodor will replace regular Garbodor if the area has been glitched before doing the Hunt.

Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Sharpedo Raftasaurus Pirate Knife Weapon
Mega Sharpedo G Raftasaurus Megalodon Knife Weapon
Ya know the thing about a shark, he's got...lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eye. When he comes at ya, doesn't seem to be livin'. Until he bites ya and those black eyes roll over white. And then, ah then you hear that terrible high pitch screamin' and the ocean turns red. This sea monster sank me ship. Then it came and picked off me crew one by one. By the time rescue came, I was the last one. Avenge me mates, but bring a bigger boat, lest ye meet the same fate as them.
Will always be up on the Raftasaurus.
Mega Sharpedo will replace regular Sharpedo if the area has been glitched before doing the Hunt.

The Return

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Cofagrigus Ancient Tomb Golden Cross Accessory
First off, let me just say I do not recommend messing with any ancient tombs you may find. I was young and naive. I didn't understand the kind of mess I was about to find myself in by disturbing this relic of ancient times. And now I must live the rest of my life with this awful curse. What does this curse do, you ask? Whenever I go to the bathroom, I am cursed to feel as though I am being watched by everyone I have ever met. Do you know how awkward it is to be watched while you're sitting on the toilet? This is the worst thing that could happen to anyone in the history of the universe. Please travel to Ancient Tomb and defeat this foe for me!
Will always be up in the Ancient Tomb 3F.

Death Metal Heatwave

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Moltres Ancient Tomb Valor Aketon Body
My band is named after the hottest, most metal foe in all of Ancient Tomb. But its existence is shrouded in mystery. Our drummer claims that it is real, and that is why we named ourselves after the elusive legend. It is said to be able to create enough heat to melt anything. And that's totally metal. People have been searching for it for ages and no one has been able to confirm or deny if it is actually real. I don't think this is a request that will ever be cleared but I would love to be proven wrong. Do your best to find the legend in the (burning) flesh, and you will earn a real name for yourself in history. Last I heard, it was flying around at the top of the pyramid. Good luck!
Will always be up on the Ancient Tomb top.

Chilling Winter

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Articuno Master Debate Tower Mystic Aketon Body
An old legend has been passed down in the Debate Wastes. One of a guardian bird that protects all of the people from evil. It has been rarely seen since the construction of the Master Debate Tower. In addition, the toxic waste in the Pristine Woods keeps it away from there as well. But it seems to sense the evil at the Master Debate Tower. From time to time, it is known to appear and fight against the tower. And so I beg you, please go to Master Debate Tower and try to confirm its existence for me. Are the rumors really true? And if they are, can it be bested in combat? I leave this task to you!
Will always be up outside Master Debate Tower.

Living Thunder

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Zapdos Veryberry Fields Instinct Aketon Body
Veryberry Fields is generally considered a very safe place to spend your day. As long as you watch your back, you can avoid trouble there. There is just one major exception, and that is the living thunder. Legend has it that the thunder that appears in Veryberry Fields from time to time is actually alive. But no one has ever been able to prove this. There is a chance that this might be real. So can you do me a huge favor and prove the theories true? I suppose a good way to start would be to go to Veryberry Fields in the rain and see what happens. Who knows. Maybe you'll get lucky. Although the chance of that might be the same as being hit by lightning.
Requires a rainy weather to spawn. Will spawn outside near Torkoal Stu, after exiting the top of Eternal Nest.

Cheerful Spirit

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Victini Burni Nation Blessed Shotgun Weapon
Every so often a stray spirit appears in Burni Nation. It seems to be very cheerful as it is always encouraging travelers and anyone else in the area. However as you might know, Burni Nation isn't exactly an area brimming with people. And so it started to get a bit lonely. It has started to lure people into Burni Nation in order to not be so alone anymore. This is clearly not very safe and so we decided to put an end to this spirit once and for all. We have not had much luck in making it appear, but perhaps a skilled hunter like yourself will be able to get the job done.
Has a 66% chance of spawning when entering it's spawn room. It spawns in a very large room with numerous black rock outcroppings.

Out of this World

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Dialga & Palkia End Of The World Creation Platemail Body
Why do we have a part of UPN called the End Of The World? That is because according to the history passed down, this is where the world stopped being formed. A massive monstrosity played a part in shaping the world that we live in. However the End Of The World is where this being stopped. Why did it stop there? Did something happen to it? The most difficult question to ask is if it is still alive. And so I need you to investigate the area and see if you can find any evidence that it existed. And if it did, what happened to it. Now go out there, hunter, and prove to us that you deserve to be Rank C!

Rank D Boss

Will always be up on the south-eastern side of End Of The World.

Rank C Hunts

A Bug's Life

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Caterpie Vile Valley Quill Pen Weapon
The spooky forest club at my high school loves going around the world and visiting all manner of spooky forests. One would think this is a strange and unusual hobby, but people interested in visiting various spooky places around the world aren't exactly the most well adjusted people around. Regardless, someone placed a special prize in Vile Valley. Anyone who can find it will win. It is a special golden bug. But despite my best efforts, I looked everywhere and can't find it! And so I am asking you, oh wonderful and most excellent hunter, to find this gold bug and help me be popular in school! Or at least most popular in our club.
Will always be up in the forest part of Vile Valley. However, it's spawn location will periodically appear in different locations.

Local Heavyweight

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Bonsly Arcane Lab Weighted Knees Knees
Locked away deep inside the Arcane Lab is a creation that has gone wrong. It was made to be a sumo champion but science has gone too far. It is completely immovable. It had to be sealed away with the rest of the lab when it was abandoned ages ago. But I know that it is still inside. You must travel to the Arcane Lab which is located not far from Bulk Club. The lab has been locked for many years and so if you want to get the key, you'll have to find one of the old scientists who worked there. I would provide you with my key but I accidently flushed it down the toilet a long time ago. Find someone with a spare key and defeat this beast locked away!
A key to Arcane Lab can be obtained from Toyo in Bulk Club after speaking to the Arcane Lab locked door first. Will always be up in the locked part of Arcane Lab, which requires opening all 5 gates.

Destroyer of Worlds

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Blissey Emina Isle Nurse's Hat Head
I saw it standing there on Emina Isle. The greatest threat humanity has ever seen. Or at least the greatest threat I have ever seen. Its imposing form is one that would induce sheer terror on all that would dare gaze upon it. If anything were to happen to my home I would never be able to live knowing that I was unable to stop it. That is why I have placed this request for a hunter to step in and save the day. Be warned, this is not your normal foe. It doesn't like to waste its time on weaklings. Should you take too long, it will flee the scene in order to cause chaos somewhere else.
Will always be up on the surface of Emina Isle.

Like The Wind

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Rapidash Timeou Resort Enchanted Torch Accessory
This message is top secret. No one can know of the beast that roams between the great nations of Independence Island. The higher ups in each nation know about its existence but none would dare send troops to the cursed land to battle it. Imagine what the other nations would think! We might as well openly declare war! And so, you will go to Timeou Resort and take care of it for us. You will forget that we asked you to take care of our problem for us. You will forget that this request was ever even made. You will forget everything about this hunt. Good luck.
Will always be up to the west of the lake in Timeou Resort.

Just Chillin'

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Froslass Eternal Nest Haunted Chainmail Body
How do you feel about slaying ghosts? There's a spooky ghost in the depths of Eternal Nest. This isn't one of those situations where all of humanity depends on you or anything like that. It's actually just sitting there. Just chillin'. So we aren't in any real danger nor is it going to bother anyone else. But if you are bored and want to clean up a spooky ghost then you know where to look. I'm sure theres some great reward in it for you as well. Just go to the deeper part of Eternal Nest and take down the ghost! If you want to, that is.
Will always be up in the deepest part of Eternal Nest. Spawns in the south-east.

The Swift Killer

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Aerodactyl UPN Park Stone Fist Weapon
Mega Aerodactyl G UPN Park Mega Stone Fist Weapon
A monster has been unleashed upon the world. However the real monster here is myself, the one who brought it back to life to terrorize the living! No wait, I think the actual monster is the real monster here. Regardless! This ancient terror is not only terrorizing the locals but even terrorizing the existing terrors and monsters that live there. This is an enemy that is both very swift and extremely powerful. Thankfully it seems to have landed in UPN Park. From my observation, it appears to be resting there after eating a full meal. I'm sure you can find a way to reach it and to take it down once and for all!
Will always be up in the northern part of UPN Park. Requires a Dyno-mite Cluster.
Mega Aerodactyl will replace regular Aerodactyl if the area has been glitched before doing the Hunt.

Perfect Blade

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Zangoose Ficonia Tower Zangoose Blade Weapon
In the depths below Ficonia Tower lies a weapon to surpass metal gear. Whatever that means. But if you want a real challenge, this foe is waiting for you in Ficonia Tower. You should be careful around it. This monstrosity cost me both my arms. And both of my legs as well. And now I make this request for you, oh great and powerful hunter. If you can defeat it in combat, perhaps you can get a great weapon for yourself. Or not. Who knows. But people like challenges, right? So go do it and stop reading this already. Shoo. Be gone.
Will always be up on B2 Ficonia Tower.

Heart & Soul

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Manaphy & Phione Raftpocalypse Union Staff Weapon
Time is not your friend if you want to be promoted up to Rank B. This is a hunt that is easy to find. Simply ride on the Raftpocalypse. The difficult part is defeating the target before the ride ends. Your opponent this time is two tricky foes. They will work together to help each other out and distract you as the ride comes to an end. You need to keep your focus and be ready with excellent teamwork if you are to take down the enemy team. Are you up to it hunter? This may just be your greatest challenge yet. Prove to me that you are ready for Rank B!

Rank C Boss

Will always be up on the Raftpocalypse.

Rank B Hunts

Lazy Days

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Snorlax Ephemeral Labyrinth Leftover Helmet Head
We all like to lounge around and be lazy, right? There are rumors however, of a beast so lazy. So gluttonous, that few believe in its existence. I have searched far and wide for this strange and mysterious beast. Until one day I found it. I had no chance to defeat it, and before I realized it, it had blocked my path and trapped me inside this area. Please hunter, you must assist me in taking down this foe! My family misses me and I'm running low on supplies. I'm sure a hunter of your rank will be able to take down this foe. It should be very easy to find here, now get over here and defeat it before I have to resort to eating bugs and rocks.
Will always be up in the north-west of Ephemeral Labyrinth.

Draconic Showdown

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Charizard Burni Nation Dragon Sealbreaker Accessory
Hey kids! Do you like DRAGONS?
Then come on down to BURNI NATION. We got dragons! Dragons for days!
You're not a weak baby face with tiny weak baby arms and legs that can't even beat up a DRAGON, are you?
Now come on down to BURNI NATION and show the world that you're AWESOME enough to take down the meanest of DRAGONS!
By agreeing to this hunt you agree that we are not liable for any loss of limbs, life, or sanity. Hunt responsibly.
Will always be up in deeper part of Burni Nation. Requires a Dyno-mite Cluster to access.

Assassin's Strike

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Weavile Cerulean Nights Weavile's Scythe Weapon
Deep underground, below what is now the Pristine Woods, one can find the hidden nightclub - Cerulean Nights. This was once the hottest drag club in all of UPN. And now it is the coolest. Literally. And while the club is filled with spooky spectral drag garb, a strange terror has appeared one night. It attacks us without mercy, and is all around a huge jerk. A strong hunter like yourself should be able to deal with a threat like this. Please, help us defeat this foe so we can go back to living our normal lives. Or normal afterlives at least.
Will always be up in Cerulean Nights. Requires a Dyno-mite Cluster to access. Can only be accessed in Chapter 4 or beyond.

Iron Bird

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Skarmory Wild Peak Skarmory Edge Weapon
So I found this cool monster one day and I decided to make it my pet. I realized it can fly really fast and in almost any weather. Against my better judgement, I put it to work to deliver pizzas. Well, someone must have put in a phony address as a joke because it's gone missing! I don't know what I'll do without my wonderful pet. That being said, if you find it, I want you to attack it on sight. That should be the only way to get it to come back to its senses and fly back home. Do try to be gentle, though. It is just a giant flying baby. Don't hurt it too much, if you can.
Will always be up in Wild Peak. Spawns outside near a large lake.

Dancing Queen

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Ludicolo Sunken Archive Rainy Tunic Body
Wanted: One dancing partner.
Where: The lush greenery of Sunken Archive.
When: At your earliest convenience.
Why: To establish who is the real dancing queen.
The dance: The dance of death.
Two dancers enter, once dancer dances away, victoriously. Come and challenge me, if you dare. I'll be waiting here for any brave souls willing to take me, the dancing queen, on.
Will always be up in south-east section of Sunken Archive.

Animal Magnetism

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Magnezone Emina Generator Magnetic Casing Body
Emina Isle is an oddity among oddities. Ever since it's been re-discovered, I've often traveled there for business and for pleasure. The sights are amazing and the technology there is both forbidden and mysterious. The problem is I made a mistake. And I can't go to my boss about this or I'd get in trouble. And so here I am, putting out a hunt to get this problem discreetly taken care of.
It all started with some magnetic technology that has gotten out of control. All of the electric enemies started to gravitate towards it, making it a huge threat. Thankfully I sealed it away in a safe room but you must take care of this problem for me!
Will always be up in Space Pigeon room in Emina Generator.

Moving Earth

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Torterra Vile Valley Earthen Trunks Underwear
The hills are alive with the sound of murder. And possibly other things... but mostly murder. The suspect? The hills themselves. But seriously, we have a serious issue in Vile Valley. Aside from the cursed air and water and trees and everything else. A part of the ground seems to have become alive. I don't know what sort of magic either created or summoned this being but I want it dealt with. You're a hunter, right? I'm sure you'll be able to march right over there and find out how to make it appear. Leave no tree unturned.
Requires talking to an out of place green tree on the way to the forest part of Vile Valley.

Time & Time Again

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Celebi Ficonia Tower Sacrifice Ring Accessory
You want to roll with the big kids in Rank A? Prove it.
It is time for you to take a real test for once. It waits for

you at the top of Ficonia Tower. There are no tricks or shenanigans in finding this foe. Beating it, however, requires much more cunning. How can you defeat that which controls time itself? Perhaps you'll think of a way. If not, you'll be there all day. Not that time will ever move for you, so I suppose a better way to phrase it is being there for the rest of eternity. No pressure or anything though, just prove to me you're worth promoting to the next rank!

Rank B Boss

Will always be up on the top of Ficonia Tower.

Rank A Hunts

The Future Is Now

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Golurk UPN Graveyard Robo Knees Knees
I saw it. An unidentified flying object. It flew at speeds beyond comprehension. It flew above the UPN HQ, towards UPN Pass. I tried to keep up with it but I saw it fly over the water towards Kuno's House. After a few minutes of flying it vanished with a brilliant burst of light. I don't know where it ended up but it can't be that far, right? Hunter, I demand you track this foe down for me and defeat it! I can no longer rest in peace knowing that such a powerful being exists out there!
Confirm its existence and then subdue it with extreme force! You're the only one that can get it done! Now why are you still reading this? Go already!
Will always be up in UPN Graveyard.

Corroded World

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Salazzle Mad Forest Corrosive Kunai Weapon
Another world exists beyond our own. Normally one is not able to traverse between the two words. However sometimes reality isn't as strong as one would hope it is. Sometimes people fall through the cracks. Sometimes monsters beyond human comprehension do the same. I was able to glimpse this in person. I was talking a stroll through Witch Forest when I was witness to this monster. It vanished through a gateway after it was spotted. I fear that this being is accelerating the corruption of Witch Forest. Hunter, I seriously need you to defeat this foe. Find a way to reach it's world, and then cleanse all our realities of this monstrosity!
Will always be up in south-east section of Mad Forest.


Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Rotom Fizzy Zone Realm Razer Weapon
The Fizzy Zone is an area few dare to enter. It is dark and spooky and most people are afraid of ghosts and the other scary things in there. Unfortunately my job stinks and I am required to make occasional check ups in there. Unfortunately, during my last visit my meter for gauging the spooky levels were off the charts! I've never detected anything so spooky in my life! Unfortunately I didn't get to see what caused such a reaction, I was so startled I dropped my meter and ran away as fast as I could! I doubt my meter was malfunctioning... you must go there and investigate! If it is a real spooky specter then you must deal with it for me! Or else my job is at risk!
Will always be up in one of the rooms in the Thunder section of Fizzy Zone.


Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Mamoswine UPN Park Future Rifle Weapon
UPN Park is a place that should not exist. It is an affront to our gods, using science to create such things. Regardless, what is done is done. One day, during a stroll in UPN Park, there was suddenly a giant beast heading straight towards me. Panic overtook me and I was able to escape. I cannot live without my strolls through UPN Park! You must go there and take care of this monster for me! The fate of my relaxing walks depends on it! And probably other people too... but mostly me! I'm sure a powerful hunter like yourself can withstand the powerful charge!
Will always be up in the southern section of UPN Park.

The Knight

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Gallade DQ Tower Knight Helmet Head
Faith for empowerment. Charity to help those who need it. Justice to provide order. Sagacity to solve the problem. Prudence to know when to strike. Temperance to keep a clear head. Resolution to draw your blade. Truth to know the answers. Liberality to keep an open mind to the world. Diligence to see things through. Hope for a better world. Valor above all else.
Come to DQ Tower if you want a face a real knight.
Will always be up on 1F DQ Tower.

A Steel Beak

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Fearow End Of The World Beak Earrings Accessory
The End of the World is considered by some researchers to be the end of reality. Strange things can be found there, and few are brave or powerful enough to explore or do research in that area. This is why you are being called up, hunter, to find for me a rare specimen. It was spotted by Bulk Club originally, and then it quickly head off towards the End of the World. My research leads me to believe it is a rare being of unimaginable power. Or just a regular sort of being of regular power.
It has to be one of those two things! Now go out there and figure which one of those it is!
Will always be up near the center of End Of The World.

Maidens Dance

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon & Umbreon Ficonia Tower Maiden Kimono Body
Those who dance wish to find a new partner to accompany them. Although you must be warned, one wrong misstep, and you will find yourself in a world of hurt. Perfection is required, nay demanded of you, if you wish to dance with the best of us. Come if you wish to have the best time of your life, if you can survive the experience with the maidens, that is.
Will always be up on B2 Ficonia Tower

Another Realm...

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Giratina UPN Pass WF Distortion Staff Weapon
The barrier to S Rank stands before you. Unfortunately, this barrier cannot be passed in this realm alone. To advance you must find your way to another realm. The world known as the Wild Future. You think you may know UPN Pass like the back of your hand. However there is a side of it you may have not ever experienced. There you will find an alternate realm, ravaged by years of war and destruction. If you can find yourself in this alternate version of UPN Pass then you will perhaps meet this powerful foe...

Rank A Boss

Will always be up in the north-east part of UPN Pass WF.

Rank S Hunts

Crystal Clear

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Cryogonal Waste Shrine Crystal Sword Weapon
Watching the snow fall in Debate Wastes is a very popular hobby for those of us who are bored and don't have fast internet speeds. It is pretty to watch and it has a nice calming effect. However one day during a rather furious snowstorm, a few of my friends were attacked! We chased it into the Waste Shrine, but many powerful enemies exist in there, too powerful for us to take on. Perhaps you could travel to the Waste Shrine and take revenge for what this thing has done to my friends? I'm sure it has some nice fancy shiny things for you to pilfer as well. I believe in you, hunter!
Will always be up near the pit in Waste Shrine.

Above The Clouds

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Altaria Cloud Garden Pillow Knees Knees
Have you ever been to the Cloud Garden? It's a rather beautiful place. Us Fizzytopia natives have a secret passage up there, but for everyone else, you must climb up the old fashioned way. Although I heard the vines have been destroyed in the war. Perhaps if you search the Ephemeral Labyrinth and deep underground in the Fizzy Zone, you can find the Key and Vine you need to reach the Cloud Garden. Once you are there, can you take care of this weird looking cloud for me? I'm sure it's nothing, but I can never be TOO sure, you know? Do your best out there, ok?
Will always be up in Cloud Garden.

Watch Your Step!

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Stunfisk Sunken Archive Stunfisk Plate Body
The ground in the Sunken Archive is, as the name implies, a bit sunken. Due to this, many traps are laid in the area, some left over from previous wars. Your target is such a trap, designed to paralyze any foe who steps on it! A devious trap, and so you must go prepared for this fight. You must use your wits in this fight, and go do your part to make the Sunken Archive safe once more!
Will always be up in Sunken Archives, near DQ Tower.

In Flames!

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Volcarona Burni Nation Volcarona Ring Accessory
Like a moth to the flame, many innocent people have been drawn into the burning flames of this strange, yet powerful being. Its dance is both alluring, and deadly. Its flames are both deadly, and really deadly. You must approach with caution, or else you will fall victim to your burning desires. I hope you bring your summer clothes because the forecast is going to be flaming. Stand strong, stand brave, and I'm sure you'll be the one coming out on top after the battle!
Will always be up in Burni Nation, not far from the entrance.

Harbinger Of The Apocalypse

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Jigglypuff UPN: The HQ Pink Ribbon Head
If you can hear it, it is already too late. The sound that signals the end of times. This beast is one known to take on many foes, even otherworldly ones, and come out smiling. Sure, you might catch it resting at times, but if you are the one caught unaware, then your demise will come sooner than you think. This being's last known location was inside the UPN HQ Castle. The soldiers have cornered it but it's possible that this monster is only playing with them, and it may not be trapped at all! Proceed with caution and should you fail, this may bring about the end of civilization as we know it.
Will always be up in UPN Castle, near the butterfly pond.

Disaster Imminent

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Hydreigon UPN: The HQ WF Catastrophe Weapon
Fire and brimstone are a common occurrence in Wild Future. However meteor strikes are a bit less common, on our weather forecasts. At least until this enemy appeared. Please hunter, travel to our world and find a way to destroy this monster! It keeps dropping death and destruction from above, as though taunting us. We are absolutely powerless to stop it, but I'm sure you'll be able to manage and return victorious.
Will always be up in UPN Castle WF, near the purple lava pond.

Tiny Blue Destruction

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Corsola Bulk Club Little Blue Earrings Accessory
Fishing in Bulk Club is a popular activity. Yesterday I was fishing when suddenly my life was changed forever. What bit my bait and was fished up was an absolute beast. I tried to attack it but nothing was working. It just sat there, with a smile on its face, as it withstood all manner of attacks against it. I fear for our safety as this beast continues to roam free. I'm sure a powerful hunter like yourself will be able to put it to rest. I beg of you, please get rid of this thing. Its face is burned into my mind and I'll never be able to rest again knowing that it is still out there.
Will always be up in Bulk Club, near the coast.

Molten Hot Magma

Name Location Unique Drop Item Type
Heatran Ficonia Tower Magma Fists Weapon
Deep underground, inside of Ficonia Tower, is a section sealed off to everyone. This part of the tower connects to some deep, dark part of UPN. Thankfully all the magma keeps most manners of monsters at bay. At least, until recently. It would appear a monster capable of surviving molten hot magma has surfaced. We must deal with this threat, however none of us are powerful enough to. That is where you come in, brave hunter. You're going to need a lot of heat resistance and firepower to put that thing down for good.

Rank S Boss

Will always be up in lava basement in Ficonia Tower.

Legendary Hunts

Champion's Route

Level Name
1 Gary Oak
2 Red
3 Steven
4 Cynthia
5 Alder
6 Diantha
7 Kukui
8 Leon

Legendary Route

Level Name
1 Mewtwo & Mew
2 Ho-oh & Lugia
3 Rayquaza, Kyogre & Groudon
4 Arceus
5 Reshiram, Zekrom & Kyurem
6 Xerneas & Yveltal
7 Necrozma
8 Eternatus